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Global Perspectives on E-Learning: Rhetoric and Reality

Global Perspectives on E-Learning: Rhetoric and Reality

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Editor Alison A. Carr-Chellman examines the impact of online distance education throughout the world in an effort to understand more deeply the merits of such initiatives. Written from a critical perspective, Global Perspective on E-Learning sheds light on some of the problems faced by international distance educators.
Introduction - Alison A. Carr-Chellman
Online Education in Asia: An Analysis of China, Taiwan, and India - Alison A. Carr-Chellman
China's Online Education: Rhetoric and Realities - Ke Zhang
The Gap Between E-Learning Availability and E-Learning Industry Development in Taiwan - Jiang Jia qi
The Distance in Education and Online Technologies in India - Priya Sharma
Online Education in Europe: An Analysis of Ireland, UK, Turkey and International Study Circles - Alison A. Carr-Chellman
Online Learning and Differential Participation in a Democratic Society: Ireland as a Case Study - Sarah Fitzpatrick & Paul Conway
E-Learning Democracy and Social Exclusion-Issues of Access and Retention in the UK - Ormond Simpson
International Study Circles - Ben Salt
A Critical Look at Distance Education in Turkey - Husra Gursoy
Online Education in North America: An Analysis of the U.S. and Canadian Contributions - Alison A. Carr-Chellman
Canada's SchoolNet: Wiring Up Schools? - Leslie R. Shade & Diane Y. Dechief
The New Frontier: Web-Based Education in US Culture - Alison A. Carr-Chellman
Online Education Down Under: An Analysis of Aotearoa/New Zealand and Australia - Alison A. Carr-Chellman
New Zealand: Is Online Education a Highway to the Future? - Bill Anderson
Towards Borderless Virtual Learning in Higher Education - Colin Latchem
Online Education in Africa: An Analysis of Namibia and Sub-Saharan Africa - Alison A. Carr-Chellman
Development and Democracy in Namibia: The Contribution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) - R. Kavena Shalyef & Hilda Nakakuwa
Can You Lead From Behind? Critical Reflections on the Rhetoric of E-Learning, Open Distance Learning and ICTs for Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) - Wayne Mackintosh
Stalled: E-Learning as Thwarted Innovation - Robert Zemsky & William F. Massy
Conclusion - Alison A. Carr-Chellman
`This is indeed a disturbing, informative and readable book. I commend it warmly to those who may wish to find out about developments in e-learning around the world; to those who have consciences which will be disturbed by much of what is highlighted and summarised here; to those willing to re-examine their optimism about the potential and implications of e-learning; and to those similarly willing to re-consider their pessimism.

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Autor: Alison A. Carr-Chellman
ISBN-13: 9781412904889
ISBN: 1412904889
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Alison A. Carr-Chellman is an Associate Professor of Education, currently serving as the Professor in charge of the Instructional Systems program in the Department of Learning and Performance Systems. She earned her doctorate at Indiana University, Bloomington, where she studied Instructional Systems Technology with an emphasis in Educational Systems Design. She is a graduate of Syracuse University, where she received an undergraduate degree and a masters in Education. She taught elementary school and worked in business and industry prior to taking on her current position. Her research interests include critiques of distance education and e-learning, systems theory and thinking, educational systems design, critical systems, and user-design. She resides outside of State College with her three children ages two, two, and one, her husband and in-laws on a family farm.

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Autor: Alison A. Carr-Chellman
ISBN-13:: 9781412904889
ISBN: 1412904889
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2005
Gewicht: 526g
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
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Sonstiges: Buch, 236x167x21 mm