From Old English to Standard English
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From Old English to Standard English

A Course Book in Language Variations Across Time, Academic/professional/technical: Undergraduate. Academic/professional/technical: Postgraduate. Academic/professional/technical: Research and professional
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Dennis Freeborn
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A practical and informative course book firmly based upon linguistic description and primary sources This rd edition has been expanded to provide more guidance and background information and relevant new sections for students
Has an extensive and fully integrated ancillary website
Preface to the Third and Second Editions.- Symbols.- Texts and Facsimiles.- Symbols.- Acknowledgements.- Introduction.- The English Language is Brought to Britain.- Old English (I).- Old English (II).- From Old English to Middle English.- Early Middle English 12th Century.- Early Middle English 13th Century.- Northern and Southern Texts Compared.- The 14th Century Southern and Kentish Dialects.- The 14th Century Northern Dialects.- The 14th Century West Midlands Dialects.- The 14th Century East Midlands and London Dialects.- The London Dialect Chaucer, Late 14th Century.- Early Modern English I The 15th Century.- Early Modern English II The 16th Century I.- Early Modern English III The 16th Century II.- Early Modern English IV The 17th Century I.- Early Modern English V The 17th Century II.- Modern English The 18th Century.- From Old English to Modern English Comparing Historical Texts.- Postscript I To the Present Day.- Bibliography.- Index.
This practical course book explores the development of the language from Old English to the establishment of Standard English. This third edition has been expanded to provide further background information, with a supplementary website and new sections to outline the development of writing hands and provide a brief introduction to palaeography.