The Challenge of Late Industrialization
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The Challenge of Late Industrialization

The Global Economy and the Japanese Commercial Aircraft Industry
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S. Kimura
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Provides a comprehensive and integrated analysis of the firm-level impact of globalization on the prospect of late industrialization
List of Tables List of Figures Acknowledgements Preface Foreword PART 1: INTRODUCTION Purpose of the Study Definition of the Key Concepts Research Approach and Focus Structure of the Study PART 2: LATE INDUSTRIALIZATION AND GLOBALIZATION: LITERATURE REVIEW Theoretical Approaches to the Late Industrialization Globalization Literature Concluding Remarks PART 3: CHANGING CONTEXT OF FIRM-BASED LATE INDUSTRIALIZATION IN THE GLOBAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Firm-Based Industrialization in Global Value Chain Perspective Global Business Transformation and its Consequences for FLI in the Commercial Aircraft Industry An Overview of the Post-War Development of the Japanese Aircraft Industry Concluding Remarks PART 4: UPGRADING IN GLOBAL VALUE CHAINS: ANALYTICAL FRAMEWORK The Upgrading Process: The 'Controlled' Growth of the Dependent Firm in a GVC Determinants of Upgrading The Dynamics of Upgrading PART 5: THE POST-WAR DEVELOPMENT OF JAPANESE COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION: CASE STUDY Historical Background Rebuilding the Industry (1952 to early 1960s) Failure to Catch-up by the National project (Late 1950s to 1970s) Upgrading to 'Significant' Supplier Status in the Boeing's GVC (1970s to mid-1990s) Diversifying into Different GVCs (Late 1990s to Present) Concluding Remarks PART 6: CONCLUSION Appendix Notes Bibliography Index
Globalization has created new opportunities and challenges for late industrialization. This book identifies underlying factors for latecomer firms to catch up as system integrators, or upgrade as suppliers in fast-globalizing industries. With in-depth case studies, several perspectives on firm growth are integrated into a comprehensive framework.