Wordsmithery: The Writer's Craft and Practice
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Wordsmithery: The Writer's Craft and Practice

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Jayne Steel
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216x140x13 mm

Draws on the expertise of a range of experienced contributors and features a Foreword by Patricia Duncker Includes writing exercises and illustrative extracts to aid the development of skills
Foreword; P.Duncker.- Preface.- Acknowledgements.- Notes on the Contributors.- Introduction; J.Steel.- PART ONE: MASTERING TECHNIQUE Creative Space; W.N.Herbert; Form and Style: Grasping the Tools of Fiction; G.Harper;- Hanging Together Structuring the Longer Piece; G.Green; Making Fiction from Fact, Making Fact of Your Fiction; G.Harper; Narrative Point of View: Who Tells the Story?; L.Anderson; The Journey a Poem Makes; T.Deppe.- PART TWO: MASTERING THEMES About a Life: Writing from the Self; G.Green; People Under Pressure: Making Your Characters Choose; J.Newman; Writing Food; J.Steel; Children in Fiction; L.Martin; Writing Home: How to Use Houses in Fiction; J.Newman; Bodily States; L.Anderson; Writing the Landscape; L.Martin.- Index.
This stimulating workbook is aimed at committed writers and students of Creative Writing who want to engage with ideas about writing and develop their craft and practice. Drawing on the expertise of a range of professional and award-winning contributors, the focus is on writing as 'process', moving from practical guidance on 'form and style' through to using themes such as 'body' or 'house' as a creative springboard. Including specially designed writing exercises and illustrative extracts, this innovative guide will inspire and challenge. It is an essential resource for anyone who wishes to master the art and practice of Creative Writing and galvanise their talent to professional and publication level.
Contributions by: Linda Anderson, Theodore Deppe, George Green, Graeme Harper (aka Brooke Biaz), William Herbert, Lee Martin, Jenny Newman, Jayne Steel and a Foreword by Patricia Duncker.