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Leadership in the Big Bangs of European Integration

Leadership in the Big Bangs of European Integration

Palgrave Studies in European U
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Foreword; C.Westendorp Preface; E.Suleiman Introduction; D. Beach & C. Mazzucelli The EU Presidency: France in the 2000 IGC; J.Tallberg Drawing Lessons in the Chair: Assessing the Dutch Presidency's Impact during the Maastricht and Amsterdam Conferences; C.Mazzucelli The EU Presidency: Comparing the Italian and Irish Presidencies of the 2003-04 Intergovernmental Conference; B.Crum Oiling the Wheels of Compromise: The Council Secretariat in the 1996-97 and the 2003-04 IGCs; D.Beach Leader or Bystander?: The European Commission and EU Treaty Reform; H.Kassim & D.G.Dimitrakopoulos A Formal Outsider Becomes an Effective Player: The European Parliament in the Negotiation of the Treaty of Amsterdam and the Constitutional Treaty; A.Maurer Big versus Small: Shared Leadership in the EU and Power Politics in the Convention; S.Bunse , P.Magnette & K.NicolaIdis Cooperative Hegemon, Missing Engine or Improbable Core? Explaining French-German Influence in European Treaty Reform; C.Mazzucelli , U.Guérot & A.Metz Britain and the European Union: A Laggard Leader?; A.Blair The Constitutional Treaty and Poland: A New Laggard in the EU?; K.Bobinski Is There Anyone in Charge? Leadership in EU Constitutional Negotiations; R.Dehousse & F.Deloche-Gaudez Conclusions; D. Beach & C. Mazzucelli
This book presents the first comprehensive analysis of the major treaty reforms over the past two decades, to consider whether the path from the Single European Act in 1985 to the present Constitutional Treaty has been pushed by the Franco-German tandem, or has been the result of leadership provided the Commission or smaller member states.

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    Politics / Current Events; POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / General; POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / General; POLITICAL SCIENCE / Globalization


Autor: D. Beach
ISBN-13: 9781403998200
ISBN: 1403998205
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 279
Gewicht: 494 g
Format: 224x141x21 mm
Sprache: Englisch
Editiert von: D. Beach, C. Mazzucelli
ALASDAIR BLAIR Jean Monnet Reader in International Relations, Coventry University, UKKRZYSZTOF BOBINSKI Director of the Unia & Polska, a pro-European think tank in Warsaw, Poland
SIMONE BUNSE DPhil Candidate in Politics, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, UK
BEN CRUM Lecturer in Political Theory, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
RENAUD DEHOUSSE Jean Monnet Professor of European Law and Politics, Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), Paris, France
FLORENCE DELOCHE-GAUDEZ Secretary-General of the Centre for European Studies, Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) Paris, France
DIONYSSIS G. DIMITRAKOPOULOS Lecturer in Politics, School of Politics and Sociology, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
ULRIKE GUÉROT Senior Transatlantic Fellow - Europe in the Berlin Office, German Marshall Fund (GMF) of the United States
HUSSEIN KASSIM Senior Lecturer, School of Politics and Sociology, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
PAUL MAGNETTE Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institute for European Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
ANDREAS MAURER Project Manager, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin, Germany
ALMUT METZ Political Scientist and Researcher, Centre for Applied Policy Research (CoAoP), Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany
KALYPSO NICOLAIDIS University Lecturer in International Relations, Oxford University, UK
EZRA SULEIMAN IBM Professor of International Studies, Professor of Politics, and Director of the Programme in European Politics and Society, Princeton University, USA
JONAS TALLBERG Associate Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden
CARLOS WESTENDORP Ambassador of Spain to the United States

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Autor: D. Beach
ISBN-13:: 9781403998200
ISBN: 1403998205
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.11.2006
Gewicht: 494g
Seiten: 279
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2007
Sonstiges: Buch, 224x141x21 mm