Hegel's Theory of the Subject
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Hegel's Theory of the Subject

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David Gray Carlson
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Contributions from the leading scholars in the field, including Perinetti, Burbidge, Butler, Maker, Houlgate, de Laurentiis, etc.
Introduction; D.G.Carlson Hegel's Logic of Freedom; W.Maker Why Hegel's Concept is Not the Essence of Things; S.Houlgate Hegel's Anti-Spinozism: The Transition to Subjective Logic and the End of Classical Metaphysics; G.di Giovanni The One and the Concept: On Hegel's Reading fo Plato's 'Parmenides'; A.de Laurentiis History, Concepts and Normativity in Hegel; D.Perinetti The Concept and its Double: Power and Powerlessness in Hegel's Subjective Logic; I.Macdonald Ways of Being Singular: The Logic of Individuality; R.Berman The Types of Universals and the Forms of Judgment; R.D.Winfield Why are There Four Hegelian Judgments?; D.G.Carlson The System of Syllogism; R.D.Winfield Hegel's Refutation of Rational Egoism, in True Infinity and the Idea; R.M.Wallace Hegel's Science of Logic in an Analytic Mode; C.Butler Cognition and Finite Spirit; J.W.Burbidge The End of Hegel's Logic: Absolute Idea as Absolute Method; A.Nuzzo The Antepenultimacy of the Beginning in the Science of Logic; D.G.Carlson Index
Hegelian philosophy is now enjoying an enormous renaissance in the English-speaking world. At the very centre of his work is the monumental Science of Logic . Hegel's theory of subjectivity, which comprises the final third of the Science of Logic , has been comparatively neglected. This volume collects 15 essays on various aspects of Hegel's theory of subjectivity. For Hegel, substance is subject . Anyone aspiring to understand Hegel's philosophy cannot afford to neglect this central topic.