Between Cosmopolitan Ideals and State Sovereignty: Studies in Global Justice
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Between Cosmopolitan Ideals and State Sovereignty: Studies in Global Justice

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R. Tinnevelt
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Impressive list of contributors
Introduction; R.Tinnevelt & G.Verschraegen PART 1: DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE Global Distributive Justice; C.Jones States, Individuals, and Equality; L.Wenar Do Rich Countries have a Negative Duty to Fight Global Poverty?; R.van der Veen Global Distributive Justice and the Environment; S.Caney Justice for Africa; R.E.Howard-Hassmann PART 2: CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND LIBERALISM Liberalism and Cultural Diversity: Some Challenges; K-C.Tan Liberal Contribution to a Universal Ethic; B.Parekh The Liberal Concept of Political Secularism; H.Bielefeldt Rights of Culture, Rights of Conscience; C.Kukathas Emergent Cosmopolitanism. Indigenous Peoples and International Law; D.Ivison PART 3: SOVEREIGNTY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY Human Rights Protection in a World of Sovereign States; R.H.Jackson Human Rights, Justice and Anarchy in International Relations; M.Frost Human Rights as Global Participatory Entitlements; R.Marchetti Protecting Human Rights: Transnational Governance or World State?; R.Tinnevelt & G.Verschraegen How Much Democracy does Global Constitutionalism Need?; H.Brunkhorst PART 4: ETHICAL FOREIGN POLICY AND THE LEGITIMACY OF HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION Perspectives on Global Justice: Norms, Structures, Processes and Context; R.Falk Good International Citizenship; B.Orend The Moral Basis of Humanitarian Intervention; F.R.Tesón Foreign Policy, Human Rights, and 'Preventive Non-Intervention'; D.K.Chatterjee Problems of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism; C.A.J.Coady
Between Cosmopolitan Ideals and State Sovereignty explores how philosophers and political theorists have recast principles of justice and human rights in the light of challenges posed by globalization. It discusses ethical issues that arise at a global level and considers whether human rights and sovereignty can ever be reconciled.