Genomics-Assisted Crop Improvement Volume 2
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Genomics-Assisted Crop Improvement Volume 2

Genomics Applications in Crops
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Rajeev Varshney
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Contents: 1. Microsatellite and SNP markers in wheat breeding; M W Ganal, M S Röder.- 2. Molecular markers and QTL analysis for grain quality improvement in wheat; D Lafiandra, M C Sanguineti, M Maccaferri, E Deambrogio.- 3. Molecular approaches and breeding strategies for drought tolerance in barley; M Baum, M van Korff, P Guo, B Lakew, S M Udupa, H Sayed, W Choumane, S Grando, S Ceccarelli.- 4. Molecular markers for gene pyramiding and disease resistance breeding in barley; W Friedt, F Ordon.- 5. Cloning genes and QTLs for disease resistance in cereals; B Keller, S Bieri, E Bossolini, N Yahiaoui.- 6. Maize breeding and genomics; M Lee.- 7. Molecular markers and marker-assisted selection in rice; D J Mackill.- 8. Application of genomics for molecular breeding in rice; N K Singh, T Mohapatra.- 9. Marker-assisted selection in sorghum; G Ejeta, J E Knoll.- 10. Molecular genetics and breeding of grain legume crops for the semi-arid tropics; R K Varshney, D A Hoisington, H D Upadhyaya, P M Gaur, S N Nigam, K Saxena, V Vadez, N K Sethy, S Bhatia, R Aruna, M V C Gowda, N K Singh.- 11. Genomics approaches to soybean improvement; T D Vuong, X Wu, M S Pathan, B Valliyodan, H T Nguyen.- 12. Application of genomics to forage crop breeding for quality traits; T Lübberstedt.- 13. Molecular mapping, marker-assisted selection and map-based cloning in tomato; M R Foolad.- 14. Genomics for improvement of Rosaceae temperate tree fruit; P Arús, S Gardiner.- 15. DNA markers: development and application for genetic improvement of coffee; P S Hendre, R K Aggarwal.- 16. Genomics of root nodulation in soybean; K Van, M Y Kim, S-H Lee.- 17. Genomics of wheat domestication; C Pozzi, F Salamini.- 18. Transcriptome analysis of the sugarcane genome for crop improvement; P Arruda, T Rezende e Silva
This superb volume provides a critical assessment of genomics tools and approaches for crop breeding. Volume 1 presents the status and availability of genomic resources and platforms, and also devises strategies and approaches for effectively exploiting genomics research. Volume 2 goes into detail on a number of case studies of several important crop and plant species that summarize both the achievements and limitations of genomics research for crop improvement.