Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications
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Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications

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"Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications includes a set of rigorously reviewed world-class manuscripts addressing and detailing state-of-the-art research projects in the areas of Industrial Electronics, Technology & Automation, Telecommunications and Networking.
A Hybrid Predistorter for Nonlinearly Amplified MQAM Signals.- Safe Logon with Free Lightweight Technologies.- Stochastic Communication in Application Specific Networks-on-Chip.- A Random Approach to Study the Stability of Fuzzy Logic Networks.- Extending Ad hoc Network range using CSMA(CD) parameter optimization.- Resource Aware Media Framework for Mobile Ad hoc Networks.- Cross-Layer Scheduling of QoS-Aware Multiservice Users in OFDM-Based Wireless Networks.- Development of a Joystick-based Control for a Differential Drive Robot.- Structure and Analysis of a Snake-like Robot.- A Novel Online Technique to Characterize and Mitigate DoS Attacks using EPSD and Honeypots.- Multi-Scale Modelling of VoIP Traffic by MMPP.- Transparent Multihoming Protocol Extension for MIPv6 with Dynamic Traffic Distribution across Multiple Interfaces.- The wave variables, a solution for stable haptic feedback in molecular docking simulations.- A Model for Resonant Tunneling Bipolar Transistors.- Developing secure Web-applications - Security criteria for the development of e-Democracy Web-applications.- Data acquisition and processing for determination of vibration state of solid structures - Mechanical press PMCR 63.- Quality of Uni- and Multicast Services in a Middleware. LabMap Study Case.- Traffic Flow Analysis Over a IPv6 Hybrid Manet.- Designing aspects of a special class of reconfigurable parallel robots.- Performance Analysis of blocking Banyan Switches.- Demystifying The Dynamics Of Linear Array Sensor Imagery.- On the Robustness of Integral Time Delay Systems with PD Controllers.- Improvement of the Segmentation in HS Sub-space by means of a Linear Transformation in RGB Space.- Obstruction Removal Using Feature Extraction Through Time for Videoconferencing Processing.- Blade Design And Forming For Fans Using Finite Elements.- On the Application of Cumulant-based Cyclostationary Processing on Bearings Diagnosis.- Application of Higher-order Statistics on Rolling Element Bearings Diagnosis.- Extending RSVP-TE to support Guarantee of Service in MPLS.- Operators Preserving Products Of Hurwitz Polynomials And Passivity.- A computer aided tool dedicated to specification and verification of the MoC and the MoF.- Directionality Based Preventive Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- The Problem of Accurate Time Measurement in Researching Self-Similar Nature of Network Traffic.- Wi-Fi as a Last Mile Access Technology and The Tragedy of the Commons.- Study of Surfaces Generated by Abrasive Waterjet Technology.- On Length-Preserving Symmetric Cryptography.- Revocable Proxy Signature Scheme with Efficient Multiple Delegations to the Same Proxy Signer.- A Robust Method for Registration of Partially-Overlapped Range Images Using Genetic Algorithms.- Lips Movement Segmentation and Features Extraction in Real Time.- Droplet Acceleration In The Arc.- A Comparison of Methods for Estimating the Tail Index of Heavy-tailed Internet Traffic.- IEC61499 Execution Model Semantics.- Towards a Practical Differential Image Processing Approach of Change Detection.- An ISP level Distributed Approach to Detect DDoS Attacks.- Performance Enhancement Of Blowfish Algorithm By Modifying Its function.- A Clustering Algorithm Based on Geographical Sensor Position in Wireless Sensor Networks.- The Economic Evaluation of the Active DSRC Application for Electronic Toll Collection System in KOREA.- Adaptive Control of Milling Forces under Fractional Order Holds.- Application of Genetic Algorithms to a Manufacturing Industry Scheduling Multi-Agent System.- Pre- And Post- Processing for Enhancement Of Image Compression Based On Spectrum Pyramid.- The Use of Maple in Computation of Generalized Transfer Functions for Nonlinear Systems.- A Game Theoretic Approach to Regulating Mutual Repairing in a Self-Repairing Network.- An Automated Self-Configuring Driver System for IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN Standards.- Development Of A Virtual Force-Reflecting Scara Robot For Teleoperation.- Improving HORSE Again and Authenticating MAODV.- Curvelet Transform Based Logo Watermarking.- Fairness Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 Ad Hoc Mode Using Rescue Frames.- Modelling Trust in Wireless Sensor Networks from the Sensor Reliability Prospective.- Performability Estimation of Network Services in the Presence of Component Failures*.- RBAC Model for SCADA.- DNPSec Simulation Study.- A Client-Server Software that Violates Security Rules Defined by Firewalls and Proxies.- Mobile communication in real time for the first time. User evaluation of non-voice terminal equipment for people with hearing and speech disabilities.- Analyzing the Key Distribution from Security Attacks in Wireless Sensor.- Hint Key Distribution for Sensor Networks.- A Model for GSM Mobile Network Design.- Application of LFSR with NTRU Algorithm.- Adaptive Packet Loss Concealment Mechanism For Wireless Voice Over Ip.- Dynamic Location Privacy Mechanism in Location-Aware System.- Video Transmission Performance Using Bluetooth Technology.- Kelvin Effect, Mean Curvatures and Load Impedance in Surface Induction Hardening: An Analytical Approach including Magnetic Losses.- A Simple Speed Feedback System for Low Speed DC Motor Control in Robotic Applications.- A Low Power CMOS Circuit for Generating Gaussian Pulse and its Derivatives for High Frequency Applications.- On the Efficiency and Fairness of Congestion Control Algorithms.- Hopfield Neural Network as a Channel Allocator.- Command Charging Circuit with Energy Recovery for Pulsed Power Supply of Copper Vapor Laser.- Performance Evaluation of MANET Routing Protocols Using Scenario Based Mobility Models.- Analysis of small world phenomena and group mobility in ad hoc networks.- Handoff Management Schemes for HCN/WLAN Interworking.- Cross-Layer Fast and Seamless Handoff Scheme for 3GPP-WLAN Interworking.- Minimizing the Null Message Exchange in Conservative Distributed Simulation.- An Analog Computer To Solve Any Second Order Linear Differential Equation With Arbitrary Coefficients.- QoS Provisioning in WCDMA 3G Networks using Mobility Prediction.- Patent-Free Authenticated-Encryption As Fast As OCB.- Application of least squares support vector machines in modeling of the top-oil temperature.- Optimal routing with QoS guarantees in the wireless networks.- Rfid In Automotive Supply Chain Processes - There Is A Case.- Reduced - Order Controller Design in Discrete Time Domain.- Simple Intrusion Detection in an 802.15.4 Sensor Cluster.- Dim Target Detection in Infrared Image Sequences Using Accumulated Information.- Cooperative Diversity Based on LDPC Code.- MEMS Yield Simulation with Monte Carlo Method.- A Human Interface Tool for System Modeling and Application Development Based on Multilevel Flow Models.- Genetic Algorithm Approach In Adaptive Resource Allocation In Ofdm Systems.- Real-time Vehicle Detection with the Same Algorithm both Day and Night Using the Shadows Underneath Vehicles.- An Authentication Protocol to Address the Problem of the Trusted 3rd Party Authentication Protocols.- Autonomous Agents based Dynamic Distributed (A2D2) Intrusion Detection System.- Modeling and Implementation of Agent-Based Discrete Industrial Automation.- Performance of CBR and TCP Traffics in Various MANET Environments.
Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications includes a set of rigorously reviewed world-class manuscripts addressing and detailing state-of-the-art research projects in the areas of Industrial Electronics, Technology & Automation, Telecommunications and Networking. Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications includes selected papers form the conference proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Technology & Automation (IETA 2006) and International Conference on Telecommunications and Networking (TeNe 06) which were part of the International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information and Systems Sciences and Engineering (CISSE 2006). All aspects of the conference were managed on-line; not only the reviewing, submissions and registration processes; but also the actual conference. Conference participants - authors, presenters and attendees - only needed an internet connection and sound available on their computers in order to be able to contribute and participate in this international ground-breaking conference. The on-line structure of this high-quality event allowed academic professionals and industry participants to contribute work and attend world-class technical presentations based on rigorously refereed submissions, live, without the need for investing significant travel funds or time out of the office. Suffice to say that CISSE received submissions from more than 70 countries, for whose researchers, this opportunity presented a much more affordable, dynamic and well-planned event to attend and submit their work to, versus a classic, on-the-ground conference. The CISSE conference audio room provided superb audio even over low speed internet connections, the ability to display PowerPoint presentations, and cross-platform compatibility (the conferencing software runs on Windows, Mac, and any other operating system that supports Java). In addition, the conferencing system allowed for an unlimited number of participants, which in turn granted CISSE the opportunity to allow all participants to attend all presentations, as opposed to limiting the number of available seats for each session.