Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications
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Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications

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Tarek Sobh
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Provides a virtual forum for presentation and discussion of the state-of the-art research on computers, information and systems sciences and engineering
A Hybrid Predistorter for Nonlinearly Amplified MQAM Signals.- Safe Logon with Free Lightweight Technologies.- Stochastic Communication in Application Specific Networks-on-Chip.- A Random Approach to Study the Stability of Fuzzy Logic Networks.- Extending Ad hoc Network range using CSMA(CD) parameter optimization.- Resource Aware Media Framework for Mobile Ad hoc Networks.- Cross-Layer Scheduling of QoS-Aware Multiservice Users in OFDM-Based Wireless Networks.- Development of a Joystick-based Control for a Differential Drive Robot.- Structure and Analysis of a Snake-like Robot.- A Novel Online Technique to Characterize and Mitigate DoS Attacks using EPSD and Honeypots.- Multi-Scale Modelling of VoIP Traffic by MMPP.- Transparent Multihoming Protocol Extension for MIPv6 with Dynamic Traffic Distribution across Multiple Interfaces.- The wave variables, a solution for stable haptic feedback in molecular docking simulations.- A Model for Resonant Tunneling Bipolar Transistors.- Developing secure Web-applications - Security criteria for the development of e-Democracy Web-applications.- Data acquisition and processing for determination of vibration state of solid structures - Mechanical press PMCR 63.- Quality of Uni- and Multicast Services in a Middleware. LabMap Study Case.- Traffic Flow Analysis Over a IPv6 Hybrid Manet.- Designing aspects of a special class of reconfigurable parallel robots.- Performance Analysis of blocking Banyan Switches.- Demystifying The Dynamics Of Linear Array Sensor Imagery.- On the Robustness of Integral Time Delay Systems with PD Controllers.- Improvement of the Segmentation in HS Sub-space by means of a Linear Transformation in RGB Space.- Obstruction Removal Using Feature Extraction Through Time for Videoconferencing Processing.- Blade Design And Forming For Fans Using Finite Elements.- On the Application of Cumulant-based Cyclostationary Processing on Bearings Diagnosis.- Application of Higher-order Statistics on Rolling Element Bearings Diagnosis.- Extending RSVP-TE to support Guarantee of Service in MPLS.- Operators Preserving Products Of Hurwitz Polynomials And Passivity.- A computer aided tool dedicated to specification and verification of the MoC and the MoF.- Directionality Based Preventive Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- The Problem of Accurate Time Measurement in Researching Self-Similar Nature of Network Traffic.- Wi-Fi as a Last Mile Access Technology and The Tragedy of the Commons.- Study of Surfaces Generated by Abrasive Waterjet Technology.- On Length-Preserving Symmetric Cryptography.- Revocable Proxy Signature Scheme with Efficient Multiple Delegations to the Same Proxy Signer.- A Robust Method for Registration of Partially-Overlapped Range Images Using Genetic Algorithms.- Lips Movement Segmentation and Features Extraction in Real Time.- Droplet Acceleration In The Arc.- A Comparison of Methods for Estimating the Tail Index of Heavy-tailed Internet Traffic.- IEC61499 Execution Model Semantics.- Towards a Practical Differential Image Processing Approach of Change Detection.- An ISP level Distributed Approach to Detect DDoS Attacks.- Performance Enhancement Of Blowfish Algorithm By Modifying Its function.- A Clustering Algorithm Based on Geographical Sensor Position in Wireless Sensor Networks.- The Economic Evaluation of the Active DSRC Application for Electronic Toll Collection System in KOREA.- Adaptive Control of Milling Forces under Fractional Order Holds.- Application of Genetic Algorithms to a Manufacturing Industry Scheduling Multi-Agent System.- Pre- And Post- Processing for Enhancement Of Image Compression Based On Spectrum Pyramid.- The Use of Maple in Computation of Generalized Transfer Functions for Nonlinear Systems.- A Game Theoretic Approach to Regulating Mutual Repairing in a Self-Repairing Network.- An Automated Self-Configuring Driver System for IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN Standards.- Development Of A Virtual Force-Reflecting Scara Robot For Teleoperation.- Improvi
Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications is a collection of world class paper articles addressing the following topics:Computer Networks: Access Technologies, Medium Access Control, Network architectures and Equipment, Optical Networks and Switching, Telecommunication Technology, and Ultra Wideband Communications.
Coding and Modulation: Modeling and Simulation, OFDM technology , Space-time Coding, Spread Spectrum and CDMA Systems.
Wireless technologies: Bluetooth , Cellular Wireless Networks, Cordless Systems and Wireless Local Loop, HIPERLAN, IEEE 802.11, Mobile Network Layer, Mobile Transport Layer, and Spread Spectrum.

Network Security and applications: Authentication Applications, Block Ciphers Design Principles, Block Ciphers Modes of Operation, Electronic Mail Security, Encryption & Message Confidentiality, Firewalls, IP Security, Key Cryptography & Message Authentication, and Web Security.

Control Systems and automation: Advanced and Distributed Control Systems, Automation, Expert Systems, Robotics, Factory Automation, Intelligent Control Systems, Man Machine Interaction, Manufacturing Information System, Motion Control, and Process Automation.

Electronics and Power Systems: Actuators, Electro-Mechanical Systems, High Frequency Converters, Industrial Electronics, Motors and Drives, Power Converters, Power Devices and Components, and Power Electronics
New trends in Automation and Communications: Biometric Authentication, Computer Forensics, Machine Vision, MEMS Sensors, Stenography, and Support for Mobility.