International Handbook of Career Guidance
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International Handbook of Career Guidance

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"The International Handbook of Career Guidance is the first international reference of its type on career guidance. This handbook offers a comprehensive review of the field, covering not only the background of vocational guidance but also the key issues across career guidance policy, processes, practices and procedures. The range of contributions from more than 30 leading authorities in the field also offers valuable directions for future research. The Handbook covers subjects such as educational and vocational guidance in a social context; theoretical foundations; educational and vocational guidance in practice; specific target groups; testing and assessment; and evaluation. It draws upon a wide range of career guidance paradigms and theoretical perspectives from person-environment fit, through developmental, to narrative and constructivist as well as critical theory approaches. There is an emphasis on the applied aspects of guidance together with research methods and perspectives. The Handbook brings together original contributions from Asia, Africa, America, Australasia and Europe. TOC:From the contents
INTRODUCTION; Raoul Van Esbroeck & James A. Athanasou.- PART 1 - EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE IN A SOCIAL CONTEXT.- 2. Career guidance in a global world; Raoul Van Esbroeck.- 3. Social Contexts for Career Guidance throughout the World; Edwin L. Herr.- 4. Landscape with Travellers: The Context of Careers in Developed Nations; Kerr Inkson & Graham Elkin.- PART 2 - THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS.- 5. Helping People Choose Jobs: A History of the Guidance Profession; Mark L. Savickas.- 6. The Big Five Career Theories; S. Alvin Leung.- 7. Recent developments in career theories: The influences of constructivism and convergence; Wendy Patton.- 8. Helping People Choose Jobs: A History of the Guidance Profession. Decision-Making Models and Career Guidance; Itamar Gati and Shiri Tal.- 9. A Constructivist Approach to Ethically Grounded Vocational Development Interventions for Young People; Jean Guichard & Bernadette Dumora.- 10. Social Contexts for Career Guidance throughout the World. Developmental-Contextual Perspectives on Career across the Lifespan; Fred W. Vondracek & Erik J. Porfeli.- 11. Theories in Cross-Cultural Contexts; Frederick T. L. Leong & Arpana Gupta.- PART 3 - EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE IN PRACTICE.- 12. Career Guidance and Counselling in Primary and Secondary Educational Settings; Norman C. Gysbers.- 13. On the Shop Floor: Guidance in the Workplace; Peter Plant. 14. Career Management: Taking Control of the Quality of Work Experiences; Annelies E.M. Van Vianen, Irene E. De Pater & Paul T. Y. Preenen.- 15. Qualification Standards for Career Practitioners; Nancy Arthur.- 16. The Emergence of More Dynamic Counselling Methods; Norman Amundson & Erin Thrift.- 17. Career Guidance and Public Policy; A.G. Watts.- 18. Training Career Practitioners in the 21st Century; Spencer G. Niles & Azra Karajic.- PART 4 - EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE WITH SPECIFIC TARGET GROUPS.- 19. Guidance for Girls and Women; Jenny Bimrose.- 20. Career Guidance for Persons with Disabilities; Salvatore Soresi, Laura Nota, Lea Ferrari & V. Scott Solberg.- 21. Career Guidance with Immigrants; Charles P. Chen.- 22. Coping with Work and Family Role Conflict: Career Counselling Considerations for Women; Charles P. Chen.- 23. Career Guidance for Young People: Constructing a Way Forward; Hazel L Reid.- PART 5 - TESTING AND ASSESSMENT IN EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE.- 24. Testing and assessment in an international context: cross-and multi-cultural issues; M. Eduarda Duarte & Jérôme Rossier.- 25. Career maturity assessment in an international context; Mark B. Watson.- 26. Interest assessment in an international context; Terence J. G. Tracey & Saurabh Gupta.- 27. Assessment of Values and Role Salience; Branimir sverko, Toni Babarovic & Iva sverko.- 28. Cognitive Measurement in Career Guidance; Jacques Grégoire & Frederic Nils.- 29. Qualitative Career Assessment: A higher profile in the 21st century?; Mary McMahon.- 30. Ethical Issues in Testing and Assessment; Donna E. Palladino Schultheiss & Graham B. Stead.- PART 6 - EVALUATION OF EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE.- 31. Quantitative Research Synthesis: The Use of Meta-Analysis in Career Guidance and Vocational Psychology; Paul A. Gore, Jr. & Takuya Minami.- 32. Action theory: An integrative paradigm for research and evaluation in career; Richard A. Young & Ladislav Valach.- 33. Using Longitudinal Methodology in Career Guidance Research; Jane L. Swanson & Sarah A. Miller.- 34. Evaluation of Career Guidance Programs; Susan C. Whiston & Ilene M. Buck.- 35. CONCLUSION: An international and social perspective on career guidance; James A. Athanasou & Raoul Van Esbroeck.- NAME INDEX.- SUBJECT INDEX.
The International Handbook of Career Guidance represents a project of inter- tional professional cooperation. It is intended as a catalyst for reform and was designed to support the development of career guidance in the years to come. Working for over four years from Belgium and Australia we had the privilege to collaborate with over 50 colleagues throughout the world to produce this Handbook. In every instance we selected key researchers who have an established reputation in the field of career development. They agreed to be involved and we are grateful for their support in this major effort. In this handbook we have tried to bring together a collection that summarises the diverse aspects of career guidance. It is a synthesis of the domain of career and vo- tional guidance firstly for an international readership and secondly it is designed to act as a reference for academics, researchers and professionals in the expanding field of career development. For this reason the Handbook includes coverage of the ba- ground and history of guidance right through to poignant issues relating to careers in the modern world of work. Policy issues relating to the provision of careers services as well as professional issues relating to career education, career counselling, career assessment, program evaluation and research methodologies are covered.