Superplumes: Beyond Plate Tectonics
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Superplumes: Beyond Plate Tectonics

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A. David Yuen
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243x162x29 mm
Presenting a new concept to explain catastrophic events on Earth through geologic time, such as mass extinction and drastic environmental change
Preface. List of Contributors. I The Thermal and Compositional Structure of the Earth. Introduction. 1. Multiscale Seismic Tomography of Mantle Plumes and Subducting Slabs; Dapeng Zhao. 2. Seismological Constraints on the Structure of the Earth's Core; Miaki Ishii. 3. Post-perovskite Phase Transition and the Nature of the D' Layer; Kei Hirose. 4. Post-perovskite MgSiO3 Investigated by First Principles; Taku Tsuchiya et al. II Seismological Evidence and Boundary Layers in the Mantle. Introduction. 5. Subduction Zone: the Water Channel to the Mantle; Soichi Omori, Tetysuya Komabayashi. 6. Fine-scale Ultra-low Velocity Zone Layering at the Core-mantle Boundary and Superplumes; Edward J. Garneto et al. III Global Material Circulation and Petrogenesis of Superplume Rocks. Introduction. 7. A Geochemical and Petrological View of Mantle Plume; Tetsu Kogiso. 8. Material Circulation through Time - Chemical Differentiation Within the Mantle and Secular Variation of Temperature and Composition of the Mantle; Tsuyoshi Komiya. IV Dynamics of Superplumes. Introduction. 9. Dynamics of Superplumes in the Lower Mantle; David A. Yuen et al. 10. Thermal Conductivity of the Earth's Deepest Mantle; Anne M. Hofmeister. 11. Thermo-Chemical Structure of the Lower Mantle: Seismological Evidence and Consequences for Geodynamics; Frédéric Deschamps et al. 12. Microscopic Models for the Effects of Hydrogen on Physical and Chemical Properties of Earth Materials; Shun-Ichiro Karato. V Plume Dynamics through Earth History. Introduction. 13. History of the Pacific Superplume: Implications for Pacific Paleogeography Since the Late Proterozoic; Atsushi Utsunomiya et al. 14. Plume Winter Scenario for Biosphere Catastrophe: The Permo-Triassic Boundary Case;Yukio Isozaki. 15. Dynamics of Plumes and Superplumes through Time; Shigenori Maruyama et al. VI Plumes and Superplumes on Mars and Venus. Introduction. 16. Tharsis Superplume and the Geological Evolution of Early Mars; Victor R. Baker et al. 17. Traits and Evolution of the Tharsis Superplume, Mars; James M. Dohm et al. 18. Plumes and Plume Clusters on Earth and Venus: Evidence from Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs); Richard E. Ernst. Index.
This abundantly illustrated book provides a concise overview of our understanding of the entire mantle, its evolution since early differentiation and the consequences of superplumes for earth surface processes. The book's balanced authorship has produced a state-of-the-science report on the emerging concept of superplumes. This presents a new concept to explain catastrophic events on Earth through geologic time.