Brilliant Light in Life and Material Sciences
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Brilliant Light in Life and Material Sciences

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Vasili Tsakanov
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NATO Security through Science Series NATO Security through Science Series B: Physics and Biophysics
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Brilliant Light Facilities and Research in Life and Material Sciences, held in Yerevan, Armenia, 17-21 July 2006
The modern trends in new X-Ray brilliant light facilities development
1. Brilliant Light Facilities and New Projects.- Synchrotron Light Sources, Status and New Projects; D. Einfeld.- The European XFEL Project; W. Decking.- SPEAR3 Synchrotron Light Source; J. Safranek.- Status of the ALBA Project; J. Bordas.-Status and Highlights of Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation Center; G.N. Kulipanov et al.- CANDLE Synchrotron light source project; V.M Tsakanov.- Social and Economic Impact of the CANDLE Light Source Project; M. Baghiryan.-Kharkov X-ray Generator NESTOR; V. Androsov et al.- 2. Research in Biophysics and Biochemistry.- X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Biology and Chemistry; G. N. George, I. J. Pickering.- Biological Application of Synchrotron Radiation: From Artem Alikhanyan to Nowadays; A.A.Vazina.- Recent Advances in Automation of X-ray Crystallographic Beamlines at the EMBL Hamburg Outstation; M. R. Groves.- 3D Macromolecular Structure Analyses: Applications in Plant Proteins; F. Dede et al.- Alignment of Moleculs in Solution; A. Shahkhatuni.- Structural Investigation of Ordering in Biopolymers; V. F. Morozov et al.- Reconstruction of the Electron Transport Chain of Secretory Granule Membrane; A. Boyajyan.- Emission Spectroscopy in Biophysical Macromolecular research; B. Kierdaszuk.- Influence of Lowintencity Electromagnetic Irradiation on the Wheat Seedlings Chromatin Fractions; L. A. Minasbekyan et al.- Correlation Between Aquoes Pore Permeability and Surface Charge of Wheat Seedlings Nuclei; L. Minasbekyan et al.-Thermodynamic Profile of Interaction of Porphyrins With Nucleic Acids; S. Haroutiunian et al.- Some Aspects of Synchrotron Radiation Effects in Radiobiology; Ts.M. Avakian, A.S. Karaguesyan 3. Biomedical Research.-The Biomedical Programs at the ID17 Beamline of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility; A. Bravin.- Novel Chemotypes in Pharmacochemical Approaches; V. J. Demopoulos et al.- Genetic Effects of Electromagnetic Waves; R. Aroutiounian et al.- Synchrotron FT-IR spectroscopy of human bones. The effect of aging; P. Kolovou, J. Anastassopoulou.- Micro-FT-IR Spectroscopic Studies of Breast Tissues; J. Anastassopoulou et al.- Primary Mechanism of EM Interaction with the Live Tissues; V. Musakhanyan.- Dye Sensitizing and Protective Properties During Electromagnetic Irradiation of Living Systems; H. Avetisyan et al.- Cryoglobulins in Acute Ischemic Stroke; L.A. Manukyan et al.- Level and Chemical Composition of Cryoglobulins in Schizophrenia; A. Khoyetsyan et al.- 4. Material and Environmental Sciences.- Recent Advances in Imaging with Spectroscopic Analysis at Elettra; L. Aballe et al.- Advanced Materials Research with 3rd Generation Synchrotron Light; P. Soukiassian et al.- Dynamics of dimers and Adatoms at silicon and germanium surfaces; G. Le Lay et al.- Impurity States in Quantum Well Wires and Quantum Dots with Coating; A.A. Kirakosyan et al.- VUV spectroscopy of wide band-gap crystals; V.N. Makhov.- X-ray Diffraction Imaging of Nanoscale Particles; R. A. Dilanian et al.- X-ray spectroscopy; E. O. Filatova, A. S. Shulakov.- Hard x-ray holographic methods; G. Faigel et al.- Natural Zeolites and Application in Liquid Waste Treatment; H. N. Yeritsyan et al.- Study of memory in solids states under synchrotron radiation excitation; V.V.Harutunyan et al.- 5. Instrumentation and Experimental Technique.- HOM Damped Cavities for High Brilliance Synchrotron Light Sources; E. Weihreter, F. Marhauser.- Review of Electron and Photon Beam Diagnostics in Advanced Light Sources; S.G. Arutunian.-Production of Femtosecond- Picosecond Electron and X-ray Pulses in Synchrotron Radiation Sources; K.A. Ispirian.- Bunch time structure detector with picosecond resolution; A. Margaryan et al.- Auto-Calibrating Based Dispersometer for High-Accuracy Alignment Systems; V. Hovhannisyan et al.- Thin Wire Secondary Emission Target For Pico-Femto Second RF Timing Technique; S. Zhamkochyan.
This book contains an excellent overview of the status and highlights of brilliant light facilities and their applications in biology, chemistry, medicine, materials and environmental sciences. Overview papers on diverse fields of research by leading experts are accompanied by the highlights in the near and long-term perspectives of brilliant X-Ray photon beam usage for fundamental and applied research.