Modelling Land-Use Change
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Modelling Land-Use Change

Progress and Applications
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Eric Koomen
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243x162x22 mm
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Full cross-sectional overview of current research progress in land-use modelling, ranging from methodology and model calibration to applications of policy implementation and evaluation
Combination of academic and applied research contributions
International mix of theoretical and practical perspectives in different case-study perspectives
Contributing Authors,- Preface,- Acknowledgements,- Modelling land-use change: Eric Koomen and John Stillwell,-Part I: Analysis of land-use trends and their driving forces,- Land-use change at cadastral parcel level in Albania: Louisa J.M. Jansen et al,- Driving forces of landscape change in the urbanizing Limmat Valley, Switzerland: Anna M. Hersperger and Matthias Bürgi,- Landscape Changes in the Israeli Carmel Area: Michael Sonis et al ,- New land-use development processes associated with the acceleration of urbanisation in China: Zhi-Gang Wu et al,-
Part II: Explanatory models of land-use change: Driving forces of land-use change in a cultural landscape of Spain: Juan Peña et al,- Empirically derived probability maps to downscale aggregated land-use data: Nicolas Dendoncker et al,- A spatial interaction model for agricultural uses: Joana Gonçalves and Tomaz Dentinho,-
Part III: Optimisation modelling: Spatial Optimisation in land-use allocation problems: Willem Loonen et al,- Sustainable land-use and water management in mountain ecosystems: Subrata K Mandal,- GeneticLand: modelling land-use change using evolutionary algorithms: Júlia Seixaset al,-
Part IV: Incorporation of new modelling approaches: Microsimulation of metropolitan employment deconcentration: Daniel Felsenstein et al,- Simulation of polycentric urban growth dynamics through agents: Wolfgang Loibl et al,- PUMA: multi-agent modelling of urban systems: Dick Ettema et al,- Integrating cellular automata and regional dynamics using GIS: Kampanart Piyathamrongchai and Michael Batty,-
Part V: Operational land-use simulation models: A land-use modelling system for environmental impact assessment: Judith Borsboom-van Beurden et al,- The MOLAND modelling framework for urban and regional land-use dynamics: Guy Engelen et al,- Dynamic simulation of land-use change trajectories with the CLUE-s model: Peter H. Verburg and Koen P. Overmars,-
Part VI: Land-use simulation for policyanalysis: Beyond growth? Decline of the urban fabric in Eastern Germany: Dagmar Haase et al,- Land-use Simulation for water management: Jasper Dekkers and Eric Koomen,- GIS-based modelling of land-use systems: Patrick Sheridanet al,-
Appendix,- Index.
This book provides a full overview of land-use change simulation modelling, a wide range of applications, a mix of theory and practice, a synthesis of recent research progress, and educational material for students and teachers. This volume is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in the state-of-the-art of land-use modelling, its background and its application.