Microbial Processing of Metal Sulfides
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Microbial Processing of Metal Sulfides

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Edgardo R. Donati
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Gives a unique and in-depth description of mechanisms of bioleaching and the role played by exopolymers substances in the interfacial degradation of metal sulfides
Preface Section I - Fundamentals, microorganisms and mechanisms Microorganisms involved in bioleaching and nucleic acid-based molecular methods for their identification and quantificationAxel Schippers Mechanisms and biochemical fundamentals of bacterial metal sulfide oxidation
Thore Rodwerder and Wolfgang Sand Electrochemical techniques used to study bacterial-metal sulfides interactions
Denise Bevilaqua, Heloisa A. Acciari, Assis V. Benedetti and Oswaldo Garcia Jr Electrochemical mechanism of leaching. Influence of the presence of catalytic ions and bacteria
Antonio Ballester, María Luisa Blázquez, Felisa González and Jesús A. Muñoz Recovery of zinc, nickel, cobalt and other metals by bioleaching
Marisa R. Viera, Cristina M. Pogliani and Edgardo R. Donati Bioleaching of metals in neutral and slightly alkaline environment
Aleksandra Sklodowska and Renata Matlakowska Section II - Bioreactors and Bioheaps Bioleaching of sulfide minerals in continuous stirred tanks
Dominique Henri Roger Morin Bioreactor design fundamentals and their application to gold mining
Fernando Acevedo and Juan Carlos Gentina Air-lift reactors: characterization and applications in biohydrometallurgy Alejandra Giaveno, Laura Lavalle, Patricia Chiacchiarini and Edgardo R. Donati Principles, mechanisms and dynamics of chalcocite heap bioleaching
Jochen Petersen and David G. Dixon Section III - Genetics and Molecular Biology The use of bioinformatics and genome biology to advance our understanding of bioleaching microorganisms
Raquel Quatrini, Jorge Valdés, Eugenia Jedlicki and David S. Holmes Proteomics and metaproteomics applied to biomining microorganisms
Carlos A. Jerez
Cell-cell communication in bacteria: A promising new approach to improve bioleaching efficiency?
Susana Valenzuela,Alvaro Banderas, Carlos A. Jerez and Nicolás Guiliani Section IV - Other Applications Bioflotation and bioflocculation of relevance to minerals Bioprocessing
K. Hanumantha Rao and S. Subramanian Desulphurization of gaseous emissions containing hydrogen sulfide
José Manuel Gómez and Domingo Cantero Index
The application of microbiological methods to the extraction of metals from minerals is supported by several bioleaching and biooxidation processes operating in different sites over the world. This book details the basic aspects of the process with special emphasis on recent contributions regarding the chemical and microbial aspects of the bioleaching process and the use of microorganisms in the treatment of complex ores and concentrates.