Solar, Stellar and Galactic Connections between Particle Physics and Astrophysics
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Solar, Stellar and Galactic Connections between Particle Physics and Astrophysics

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Alberto Carramiñana
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Stellar and galactic connections between astrophysics and particle physics contains five updated reviews on topics linking these two research areas, namely nuclear astrophysics, the physics of pulsars and gamma-ray bursts, cosmology and high energy cosmic rays
Part I: Extended Topics. 1. Nuclear Astrophysics: Evolution of Stars from Hydrogen Burning to Supernova Explosion; K. Langanke. 2. Pulsars as Probes of Relativistic Gravity, Nuclear Matter, and Astrophysical Plasmas; James M. Cordes. 3. Theory of Gamma-Ray Burst Sources; Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz. 4. Understanding Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Vladimir Avila-Reese. 5. Ultra-high energy cosmic rays: from GeV to ZeV; Gustavo Medina Tanco. 6. Part II: Astronomical Technical Reviews. 7. Radio Astronomy: The Achievements and the Challenges; Luis F. Rodriguez . 8. Gamma-Ray Astrophysics - before GLAST; Alberto Carramiñana. 9. Gravitational Wave Detectors: a new window to the Universe; Gabriela Gonzalez. Part III: Research Short Contributions. 10. Hybrid Extensive Air Shower Detector Array at the University of Puebla to Study Cosmic Rays; O. Martinez, E. Perez, H. Salazar, L. Villaseñor. 11. Search for Gamma Ray Bursts at Sierra Negra, Mexico; H. Salazar, L. Villaseñor, C. Alvarez, O. Martinez. 12. Are there strangelets trapped by the geomagnetic field?; J.E. Horvath, G.A. Medina Tanco, L. Paulucci. 13. Late time behavior of non spherical collapse of Scalar Field Dark Matter; Argelia Bernal, F. Siddhartha Guzman. 14. Inhomogeneous dark matter in non-trivial interaction with dark energy; Roberto A. Sussman, Israel Quiros and Osmel Martin Gonzalez. 15. Mini-review on scalar field dark matter; L. Arturo Ureña-Lopez. Index.
This book collects extended and specialized reviews on topics linking astrophysics and particle physics at a level between a graduate student and a young researcher. The book also includes three reviews on observational techniques used in forefront astrophysics and short articles on research performed in Latin America. The reviews, updated and written by specialized researchers, describe the state of the art in the related research topics.