The Many Scales in the Universe
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The Many Scales in the Universe

JENAM 2004 Astrophysics Reviews
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Very relevant experts from all over the world speak in a single book about the most recent, exciting results from their fields
Preface Committees Cosmic Microwave Background; Enrique Martínez-González and Patricio Vielva The Gravitational Lensing Effect in Cosmology; Genevieve Soucail The PLANCK Mission; J.A. Tauber Surveys of Extragalactic Sources with Planck; G. De Zotti, C. Burigana, M. Negrello, S. Tinti and R. Ricci, L. Silva, J. Gonzalez-Nuevo and L. Toffolatti New Physics in Clusters of Galaxies; M. Douspis Emission Line Galaxies in Clusters; Bianca M. Poggianti Active Galactic Nuclei and Surveys: the View from the New X-ray Observatories; X. Barcons Star-Forming Complexes in Galaxies; Bruce G. Elmegreen Star Formation and Infrared Emission in Galaxies; Nikolaos D. Kylafis and Angelos Misiriotis Evolution of the MilkyWay Disk; B. Nordström, J. Andersen Massive Stars in the Galactic Center; F. Najarro The Mass Spectrum of X-Ray Binaries; Jorge Casares Massive Stars in Starbursts; Alan Pedlar The Hot Content of Planetary Nebulae; Martin A. Guerrero, You-Hua Chu and Robert A. Gruendl The Hidden Life of Massive Stars; A. Lenorzer, A. Bik, M. R. Mokiem, A. de Koter, L. Kaper, L.B.F.M. Waters What can we learn about the Sun from observations in the near ultraviolet? Achim Gandorfer Our Magnetic Sun; E.R. Priest Moist Convective Storms in the Atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn; Ricardo Hueso and Agustín Sánchez-Lavega Exploring the Solar System beyond Neptune; Jose L. Ortiz and Pablo Santos-Sanz Planet Detection with Large Telescopes and Interferometry; Andreas Quirrenbach AVO First Science; Mark G. Allen, Paolo Padovani, Piero Rosati, Nicholas A. Walton Euro50: A European 50 m Adaptive OpticsExtremely Large Telescope; Arne Ardeberg and Torben Andersen
All branches of astrophysics are encompassed in this book, from the largest scales and cosmology to the solar system and the Sun, through the galaxies and the stars, including a section on astronomical instrumentation. Experts from across the world 'speak' in a single book about the most recent, exciting results from their fields. A CD-ROM accompanies the book opening a panorama of astrophysics today.