The Acquisition of Verbs and Their Grammar
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The Acquisition of Verbs and Their Grammar

The Effect of Particular Languages
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Natalia Gagarina
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33, Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics

Offers empirical evidence from a large variety of languages
Introduction - Natalia Gagarina and Insa Gülzow Part 1: Language-specific impact on the acquisition of HebrewAcquisition of Verb-Argument Structure in a Developmental Perspective: Evidence from Child Hebrew - Sigal Uziel-Karl
Subject Use and the Acquisition of Verbal Agreement in Hebrew - Sharon Armon-Lotem Part 2: Language-specific variation in the development of predication and verb semantics
Strategies in the L1-Acquisition of Predication: The Copula Construction in German and Croatian - Christine Czinglar et al.
Why Not All Verbs Are Learned Equally - Natsuko Tsujimura Part 3: Stages and the role of semantic bootstrapping in the acquisition of the verb and its grammar
Dynamic Event Words, Motion Events and the Transition to Verb Meanings - Ellen Herr-Israel and Lorraine McCune
The Early Stages of Verb Acquisition in English, German and Spanish - David Ingram et al.
Finiteness in Children and Adults Learning Dutch - Peter Jordens and Christine Dimroth Part 4: Language-specific variation and the role of frequency
The Acquisition of Voice Morphology in Jakarta Indonesian - David Gil
Analytical and Synthetic Verb Constructions in Russian and English Child Language - Insa Gülzow and Natalia Gagarina Part 5: Language-specific and learner-specific peculiarities in the development of the verb and its grammar
The Acquisition of Verbal Inflection in Estonian - Marilyn May Vihman and Maigi Vija
Grammatical Role of French First Verbs - Claire Martinot
Speaker and Hearer Reference in Russian Speaking Children - Dorota Kiebzak-Mandera
This volume investigates the linguistic development of children with regard to their knowledge of the verb and its grammar. The selection of papers brings to researchers and in particular psycholinguists empirical evidence from a wide variety of languages from Hebrew, through English to Estonian. The authors interpret their findings with a focus on cross-linguistic similarities and differences, without subscribing to either a UG-based or usage-based approach.