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Scientific Detectors for Astronomy

Scientific Detectors for Astronomy

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Explorers of the Photon Odyssey
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Foreword.- Workshop Organization.- Welcoming Remarks From Catania Observatory.- Lifetime Achievement Awards.- SDW2005 Award Recipients.- List of Participants.- The Nerd Gallery.- Reference Plots and Color Figures.- Color Photo Gallery.-Section I: Observatory Status and Plans. Invited Talk - Science, Technology and Detectors for Extremely Large Telescopes.- Overview Paper - Instruments, Detectors and the Future of Astronomy with Large Ground Based Telescopes.- Requirements on Array Detectors from OWL Instrument Studies.- Pan-STARRS and Gigapixel Cameras.- The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.- Optical Detector Systems at the European Southern Observatory.- The UKIRT Wide Field Camera.- System Design of Detector Systems for a Major Chinese Multi-Object Spectroscopic Sky Surveyor.- Near Diffraction Limited Visible Imaging on 10 m class Telescopes with EMCCDs.- Nod & Shuffle 3D Spectroscopy.- Detector Systems for the MODS Spectrograph.- Recent Photon Counting Developments at the Observatoire de Marseille.- A CMOS Sensor for Solar Observation.- Plasma Cleaning.- Thermal Modeling of the Wide-Field Infrared Camera for the CFHT.- Cooling System for the OmegaCAM CCD Mosaic.- Bonn Shutters for the Largest Mosaic Cameras.- Slicing the Universe - CCDs for MUSE.- On-Chip Guiding with a Mosaic of HAWAII-2RG Infrared Detectors.- The Blue Channel of the Large Binocular Camera.- Radiation Damage in HST Detectors.- An EUV Image Detector for the Space Solar Telescope.- The Camera of the Corot Space Experiment: Design, Tests and Results.- Second Generation IR Detectors for the Wide Field Camera 3.- Imaging Technique of the DISR Camera on the Huygens Lander.-
Section II: Non-Astronomical Applications. Advanced Detector and Optical Fabrication Technologies for Implementing Improved Spectroscopic Instrumentation CCD Detector Systems for "Semiconductor Nanostructures".- Optical Properties Research.-
Section III: CCDs. Overview Paper - CCD Technology.- Siliconus Maximus.- CCD Development Progress at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.- Orthogonal Transfer Array.- A pnCCD Detector System for High Speed Optical Applications.- L3 CCD Wavefront Sensor Developments at the ING.- Zero Noise Wavefront Sensor Development within the Opticon European Network.- A Dedicated L3Vision CCD for Adaptive Optics Applications.- The Ultimate CCD for Laser guide star wavefront sensing on Extremely Large Telescopes.- The MMT Megacam.- The OmegaCAM 16K×16K CCD Detector System for the ESO VLT Survey Telescope (VST).- CCD Mosaics at CTIO and SOAR.- Focal Plane Detectors for the Dark Energy Survey.- Optimised CCD Antireflection Coating.-
Section IV: CMOS-Based Sensors. Overview Paper - CMOS Detector Technology.- Overview of Rockwell Scientific Imaging Technologies.- 2K×2K NIR HgCdTe Detector Arrays for VISTA and Other Applications.- 1024×1024 Si:As IBC Detector Arrays for Mid-IR Astronomy The James Webb Space Telescope and its Infrared Detectors.- Active Pixel Sensor Developments for Future ESA.- Space Science Missions ENERGY: A Proposal for a Multi-Band CMOS Imaging Photometer.-
Section V: Avalanche Photodiodes. SPADA: An Array of SPAD Detectors for Astrophysical Applications.- Electro-Optical Characteristics of the Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD).- Characterization of SPAD Arrays: First Results.-
Section VI: Detector Testing & Characterization. Conversion Gain and Interpixel Capacitance of CMOS Hybrid Focal Plane Arrays.- MBE MCT Arrays for JWST.- Performance Overview of the VISTA IR Detectors.- The Effects of Charge Persistence in Aladdin III InSb Detectors on Scientific Observations.- An Ultra Low Photon Background 1 to 5 Micron Detector Mosaic Test Facility.- On Sky Experience with the HAWAII-I Detector at the Camera/Spectrograph LIRIS.- EMIR Detector Characterization.- Intra-pixel Response of a HAWAII-1RG Multiplexer.- Fast Conversion Factor (Gain) Measurement of a CCD Using Images With Vertical Gradient.- CCD Charge Transfer Efficiency (CTE) Derived from
The 2005 meeting in Taormina, Italy was attended by 127 professionals who develop and use the highest quality detectors for wavelengths from x-ray to sub-mm, with emphasis on optical and infrared detectors. The meeting consisted of overview talks, technical presentations, poster sessions and roundtable discussions.These proceedings capture the technical content and the spirit of the 2005 workshop. The 87 papers cover a wide range of detector technologies including CCDs, CMOS, APDs, and sub-mm detectors. There are papers on observatory status and plans, special applications, detector testing and characterization, and electronics. A special feature of these proceedings is the inclusion of pedagogical overview papers, which were written by teams of leading experts from different institutions. These proceedings are appropriate for a range of expertise levels, from undergraduates to professionals working in the field. The information presented in this book will serve as a valuable reference for many years to come.This workshop was organized by the Scientific Workshop Factory, Inc. and the INAF- Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania.

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Autor: Jenna E. Beletic
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ISBN: 1402043295
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Jenna Beletic

Is an anthropology student with a very unique knowledge of scientific detectors for astronomy. She literally grew up in this community, having helped install a high speed, low noise CCD camera system at a Kitt Peak telescope when she was only 8 years old. She has supported all of the last four detector workshops, co-editing the last two proceedings and being the lead editor on these proceedings.

James Beletic

Internationally recognized for his expertise in optical and infrared detectors, he has held management positions at major research laboratories, universities and observatories in Europe and the United States before taking his present position as Director of Sensor Systems at the Rockwell Scientific Company, a leading detector manufacturer. He has led teams that developed detector systems used on 23 telescopes at 16 different observatories in Chile, the mainland United States, the Canary Islands and Hawaii. He has led the development of new types of imaging sensors, and has collaborated with many of the major astronomy instrumentation teams.

Paola Amico

An astronomer who has worked at the two major astronomical observatories with the largest ground-based telescopes: European Southern Observatory and the Keck Observatory. She has a broad understanding of astronomical instrumentation.

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Autor: Jenna E. Beletic
ISBN-13:: 9781402043291
ISBN: 1402043295
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Gewicht: 1588g
Seiten: 771
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