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Diverticular Disease

Diverticular Disease

148, Falk Symposium
Emerging Evidence in a Common Condition
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List of principal contributors. List of chairpersons. Preface.- SECTION I: PATHOGENESIS OF DIVERTICULAR DISEASE. 1 Patterns of colonic mucosal inflammation in diverticular disease. 2 Pathogenesis of diverticular disease: enteric neuropathy. 3 Pathogenesis of diverticular disease: altered motility. 4 Pathogenesis of diverticular disease: genetic disposition versus the environment.-SECTION II: CLINICAL ISSUES. 5 Diverticular disease -- differential diagnosis and prognosis.-
SECTION III: DIAGNOSIS I. Diagnosis of diverticular disease in primary care. 7 Laboratory tests -- what do they tell us? 8 Lower gastrointestinal bleeding -- search for sources.-
SECTION IV: DIAGNOSIS II. 9 Intestinal comorbidity: diverticular. disease and chronic inflammatory bowel disease.-
SECTION V: INDICATIONS AND CONTROVERSIES IN IMAGING TECHNIQUES. 10 Colonoscopy in acute diverticulitis. 11 Sonography in diverticular disease. 12 Diverticular disease: abdominal radiography, contrast enema, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging.-
SECTION VI: DETERMINANTS OF TREATMENT. 13 Natural course of diverticular disease. 14 Pain in diverticular disease. 15 Determinants of treatment: extraintestinal comorbidity. 16 Determinants of treatment: outcome measures, or how to read studies on diverticulitis.-
SECTION VII: SURGERY. 17 Extent of sigmoid resection in diverticular disease of the colon. 18 Surgery for diverticular disease: pro laparoscopy.-
SECTION VIII: MEDICAL TREATMENT. 19 Medical management of diverticular disease: the role of bulking agents. 20 Antibiotics in the treatment of diverticular disease of the colon. 21 Aminosalicylates.-
SECTION IX: TREATMENT - MISCELLANEOUS. 22 Diverticular disease: persistent symptoms after surgery. 23 Primary and secondary prevention of diverticular disease. 24 The right time for medical or surgical treatment.-
This book covers many aspects of diverticular disease, from new scientific knowledge to exchange of clinical experience. It provides much-needed information to basic scientists and clinicians alike on a subject that is rarely found on the agenda of meetings and symposia and where there is a paucity of scientific discussion. The up-to-date research findings in this book are at the highest scientific level.

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Autor: Alastair Forbes
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