Emissions of Atmospheric Trace Compounds
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Emissions of Atmospheric Trace Compounds

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P. Artaxo
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Table of Contents List of Contributors Acknowledgements Atmospheric Composition and Surface Exchanges; Guy P. Brasseur, Will Steffen and Claire Granier Compilation of Regional to Global Inventories of Anthroprogenic Emissions; Carmen M Benkovitz, Hajime Akimoto, James J. Corbett, J. David Mobley, Toshimasa Ohara, Jos G. J. Olivier, John A. van Aardenne and Vigidis Vestreng Deriving Global Quantitative Estimates for Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Biomass Burning Emissions; Catherine Liousse, Meinrat O. Andreae, Paulo Artaxo, Paulo Barbose, Hélène Cachier, Jean-Marie Grégoire, Peter Hobbs, David Lavoué, Florent Mouillot, Joyce Penner, Mary Scholes and Martin Schultz Global Organic Emissions from Vegetation; Christine Wiedinmyer, Alex Guenther, Peter Harley, Nick Hewitt, Chris Geron, Paulo Artaxo, Rainer Steinbrecher and Rei Rasmussen Nitrogen Emissions from Soils; Laurens Ganzeveld, Changsheng Li, Laura Cárdenas, Jane Hawkins and Grant Kirkman Global Emissions of Mineral Aerosol: Formulation and Validation Using Satellite Imagery; Yves Balkanski, Michael Schulz, Tanguy Claquin, Cyril Moulin and Paul Ginoux Emissions from Volancoes; Christiane Textor, Hans-F. Graf, Claudia Timmreck and Alan Robock A Satellite-based Method for Estimating Global Oceanic DMS and its Application in a 3-D Atmospheric GCM; Sauveur Belviso, Cyril Moulin, Laurent Bopp, Emmanuel Cosme, Elaine Chapmand and Kazushi Aranami Sea-sal Aerosol Source Functions and Emissions; Michael Schulz, Gerrit de Leeuw and Yves Balkanski Use of Isotopes; Valerie Gros, Carl A. M. Brenninkneijer, Patrick Jöckel, Jan Kaiser, Dave Lowry, Euan G. Nisbet, Phillip O'Brien, Thomas Röckmann and Nicola Warwick Determination of Emissions from Observations of Atmospheric Compounds; Claire E. Reeves, Derek M. Cunnold, Richard G. Derwent, Edward Dlugodencky, Sandrine Edouard,Clarie Granier, Richard Ménard, Paul Novelli and David Parrish Data Assimilation and Inverse Methods; Richard Ménard, Sandrine Edourd, Sander Houweling, Gabrielle Pétron, Claire Granier and Claire Reeves List of Acronyms List of Chemical Species Index Colour Plates Copyright Acknowledgements
This book was conceived during the workshop "Emission of Chemical Species and Aerosols into the Atmosphere" which took place in Paris in June 2001, involving many experts who presented a number of state-of-the-art papers. Many of these papers are presented in this book where they are set in the wider context of other published work, providing comprehensive documentation of many aspects of this field of Earth science.The book is divided into 12 chapters, most dealing with inventories of emissions related to anthropogenic emissions or biomass burning, emissions from vegetation and soils, emissions of mineral and sea-salt aerosols, and emissions of sulphur compounds from the oceans. The final three chapters show how atmospheric observations have been used to improve our knowledge of emissions, such as the use of isotopes, large observation networks as well as the latest inverse modelling techniques and their application to surface and satellite observations.