Defense and the Environment: Effective Scientific Communication
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Defense and the Environment: Effective Scientific Communication

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John J. Barich III
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, from 22 to 26 April 2003
Contributing Authors. Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. I: Environmental Policy Perspective. International Conventions in Environment: For Better Mutual Cooperation; J. Silvan. Environmental Aspects of Managing of Natural Resource Assets within the Military Sector; R.A. Kreizenbeck. Environmental policy of the Czech Ministry of Defence; P. Kozel. Environmental policy in the Estonian Armed Forces; A. Rekker. NATO Environmental Doctrine from Hungarian Point of View; Z. Jaczo, A. Vincze. STANAG 7141 EP - Plan of Implementation in Poland; S. Wilczkowiak. II: Environmental Management Systems and Public Participation. Public Participation in Decisions Relating to the Environmental Management of Ministry of Defence Sites; S.M. Clark. Environmental Policy in the Slovak Armed Forces, Environmental Management System as a Change for the Future; L. Kusnir. Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in the Military Sector: Promoting Broader Implementation; M. Dawson. EMS in the Military Sector: Problems and Opportunities; R.T. Moore. Recommendations Based on the NATO-CCMS Pilot Study on Methodology, Focalization, Evaluation and Scope of Environmental Impact Assessment; K. Pavlickova. III: Environmental Security. Environmental Management Systems, Reliability Management and Vulnerability Assessments: Potential within Contemporary Security Settings; J.J. Barich III, K. Mahutova. Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation and Environmental Security; A. Silins, I. Klavins. Consequences of the Chernobyl Catastrophe as a Prototype of Nuclear Terrorism; D.M. Grodzinsky. Environmental Security: a Case of Slovenia; M. Malesic. Military Conversion / Restructuring and Sustainable Development Strategy; W. Zadorsky. IV: Environmental Decision Support Research. Index of Environmental Acceptability of Military Training; A. Komár, et al. Method for the Military Facilities Risk Assessment; F. Božek, et al. Risk Assessment of Large Capacity Petrol Storehouse; F. Božek, et al. The Rowing Windows Methodology for Risk Management and Remedy Optimization, an Approach for Addressing Chemical Contamination across Large Areas of Soil; G. Dawson, N. Smith.
The success of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) at military facilities requires support and leadership from the highest levels of management, adequate resources for development and implementation, and an acknowledgement by the military commanders that EMS is an integral part of facilities and operations management. The theme of this book is the effective communication of environmental concerns in a changing military environment.