Magneto-Optical Imaging
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Magneto-Optical Imaging

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Tom H. Johansen
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233x155x19 mm
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Øystese, Norway, 28-30 August 2003
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Øystese, Norway, 28-30 August 2003
Preface. Group photo. List of contributors.
Overview. Paving the way for the success of magneto-optics; H.-U. Habermeier. Comparison of magneto-optical imaging with other local magnetic probes; S.J. Bending, et al.
MOI of superconductors. Magneto-optical investigation of superconducting materials; A.A. Polyanskii, et al. Quantitative magneto-optics: Flux, current and electrical field imaging; Ch. Jooss, et al. Magneto-optical imaging of Josephson vortices in layered superconductors; V.K. Vlasko-Vlasov, et al. Magneto-optic investigation of magnetic flux penetration on a nanosecond timescale; B. Biehler, et al. Magneto-optical imaging of superconducting vortices; T.H. Johansen, et al. Magneto-optical imaging of pattern formation in the vortex landscape; R.J. Wijngaarden, et al. MO-Imaging of granular and structured high temperature superconductors; M.R. Koblischka, A. Koblischka-Veneva. First order transition of the vortex lattice in disordered Bi-2212 crystals; K. van der Beek, et al. Magneto-optical measurements of the lifetime spectrum of transient vortex states in BSCCO; B. Kalisky, et al. Magneto-optical imaging of crossing-lattices state in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+y; T. Tamegai, et al. Strong 3D-correlation in the vortex system of Bi2212:Pb; L.S. Uspenskaya, et al. Magneto-optical investigation of the vortex order-disorder phase transition in BSCCO; B. Kalisky, et al. Magneto-optical studies of chemical inhomogeneities in Bi2212 single crystals; N. Chikumoto, et al. Optimization of Bi2223 tape fabrication procedure with the help of magneto-optical imaging; M. Roussel, et al. Magneto-optical imaging of cracking in high temperature superconducting films and tapes under tensile strain; I.B. Rutel,et al. Magneto-optical imaging of magnetic screening in superconducting wires; A.V. Pan, et al. Magneto-optical imaging of small angle grain boundaries on different bi-crystalline substrates; K. Guth, et al. Low-angle grain boundaries of YBCO in external magnetic fields; J. Albrecht. Electrodynamics of superconducting YBCO films with confined correlated nanodefects; E. Mezzetti, et al. Magneto-optical studies of YBCO thick films in the critical state; Z.X. Ye, et al. Modifying the current distribution of grain boundaries in YBCO films; E. Brinkmeier, et al. Magneto-optical imaging of vortex penetration in patterned YBCO thin film near Tc; S. Flament, et al. Proton irradiation induced effects on YBCO films analysed by magneto-optics; L. Gozzelino, et al. Flux dynamics in current-carrying superconductors; A.V. Bobyl, et al. Effect of substrate orientation and hydrogen impurities on flux penetration in Nb thin films; M.S. Welling, et al. Flux jumps in magnesium diboride; D.V. Shantsev, et al. Dendritic flux instabilities in Nb3Sn and NbN thin films; I. Rudnev, et al. Thermo-magnetic instability as limiting mechanism for electrical current density in MgB2 thin films; F. Laviano, et al. Surface penetration of high-Tc superconductors for MO imaging; A. Koblischka-Veneva, M.R. Koblischka. Superconductor magneto-optics and theory; E.H. Brandt. Inversion of the Biot-Savart law: An approach based on discrete sine and cosine transforms; M. Dirickx, et al.
MOI of magnetic materials. Domain structure and magnetic anisotrophy in Ga1-xMnxAs; U. Welp, et al. Forensic imaging of magnetic tapes using magnetic garnet indicator films; C. Krafft, et al. Manipulating magnetic particles
Magneto-Optical Imaging has developed rapidly over the last decade to emerge as a leading technique to directly visualise the static and dynamic magnetic behaviour of materials, capable of following magnetic processes on the scale of centimeters to sub-microns and at timescales from hours to nanoseconds. The images are direct, real-time, and give space-resolved information, such as ultrafast magnetic processes and revealing the motion of individual vortices in superconductors. The book is a fully up-to-date report of the present status of the technique.