High-Pressure Crystallography
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High-Pressure Crystallography

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Andrzej Katrusiak
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Erice, Italy, 4-15 June 2003
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Erice, Italy, 4-15 June 2003
Preface; A. Katrusiak, P.F. McMillan. 1: High Pressure Crystallography: Experimental Techniques and Data Analysis. High Pressure Diffraction from Good Powders, Poor Powders and Poor Single Crystals; M.I. McMahon. Some Practical Aspects of Studying Equations of State and Structural Phase Transitions at High Pressure; R.J. Angel. Structure Maps for Constrained Structures at High Pressures from Powder Diffraction; J.B. Parise. High Pressure Single-Crystal Diffractometry with Laboratory X-Ray Sources; A. Katrusiak. Neutron Diffraction Studies of Ices and Ice Mixtures; J.S. Loveday. An Introduction to Diamond Anvil Cells and Loading Techniques; E. Soignard, P.F. McMillan. High Pressure Crystallographic Experiments with a CCD Detector; A. Budzianowski, A. Katrusiak. From Phase Identification to Structure Solution: X-Ray Crystallography at High Pressures; W.A. Crichton, M. Mezouar. Synchrotron Radiation Study Using Large Volume Presses; O. Shimomura. Modulation and its Crystallographic Methodology; V. Petricek, M. Dusek. 2: Theoretical Methods and Results and New Methods for Data Analysis. Introduction to High Pressure Computational Crystallography; B. Winkler. Computational High Pressure Science; J.S. Tse. Theory of Minerals at High and Ultrahigh Pressures: Structure, Properties, Dynamics and Phase Transitions; A.R. Oganov. Equations of State and Thermophysical Properties of Solids under Pressure; W.B. Holzapfel. Reverse Monte Carlo Modelling of Diffraction Data: Structural Studies of Amorphous Ices; L. Pusztai. 3: Complementary High Pressure Techniques and Methods of Structure Determination. X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy under Extreme Conditions; J.P. Itie. Analysis of Localised Strains in Crystals by Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction; A. Armigliato, et al. Phase Transitions Studied by High Pressure Dielectric Spectroscopy and Calorimetry; M. Szafrański. Electronic, Structural and Magnetic Properties of Transition-Metal Insulators at Very High Pressures; M.P. Pasternak, et al. Magnetic Properties of Crystals and their Studies at High Pressure Conditions; I.N. Goncharenko. Correlation between the Structure and Optical Properties of Perovskites at High Pressure; F. Rodriguez. Solid Phase Transformations under High Dynamic Pressures; S.S. Batsanov. 4: Applications of High Pressure Crystallography. Crystallography and Solid State Chemistry at High Pressure; P.F. McMillan. High Pressure Crystallography at Elevated Temperatures: Experimental Approach; L. Dubrovinsky, N. Dubrovinskaia. Synthesis of Superhard Phases: In Situ Studies; V.L. Solozhenko. Pressure Effects of Structural and Electronic Properties Superconductors; A. Gauzzi, et al. Novel Hume-Rothery Phases in Simple Metals and Alloys under High Pressure; V.F. Degtyareva. High Pressure Crystal Chemistry: 'Stuffed' Framework Structures at High Pressure; N.L. Ross, R.T. Downs. The High Pressure Crystallography of Gas Hydrates; W.F. Kuhs. Molecules in Strained Environment; E.V. Boldyreva. General Description of Hydrogen-Bonded Solids at Varied Pressures and Temperatures; A. Katrusiak. Why Study Quasicrystals at High Pressures?; G. Krauss, W. Steurer. State of the Art and Prospects of Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography at High Hydrostatic Pressure; R. Fourme, et al. Soft Materials and Biomaterials under Pressu
Despite the tremendous advances in the techniques and equipment for carrying out high-pressure crystallography, the application or exploration of the high-pressure variable in detailed structural studies remains rare. The chapters in this book provide a set of lecture notes and supplementary material for a course on high pressure crystallography. The material comprises state-of-the-art reviews of high-pressure experiments using X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques at synchrotron and neutron facilities and in the laboratory, as well as complementary experimental high-pressure techniques and theoretical methods for investigating matter at elevated pressures. The materials studies range from elemental solids and liquids to inorganic compounds, minerals, organic compounds, clathrates and pharmaceutical compounds, to large biological molecules such as proteins and viruses. The book provides a reference for workers in high-pressure science wishing to learn more about crystallography and for established crystallographers potentially interested in high pressure as a variable, as well as an introductory guide to new researchers in the field.