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Gender Equality Policy in the European Union

Gender Equality Policy in the European Union

Gender and Politics
A Fast Track to Parity for the New Member States
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1. Introduction
2. Adoption and Implementation of Equal Employment Policies in Four Countries
3. Beyond Employment: Addressing the Private and Public Divide through Reconciliation Policies
4. The Role of Formal and Informal Institutions in the Policy Process
5. Modernization and Cultural Explanations with a Strong Dose of Communist Legacy
6. Actors, Norms and Institutions: The Necessary Ingredients for a Successful Policy Model
7. Conclusion
Appendix: Summary of Directives under Study
One of the solutions proposed by the European Union to remedy the effects of the 2008 economic crisis is to increase female labour participation. This book explores the policy changes in four new member states that may reduce the gender employment gap and improve women's equal participation in the labour force.


Autor: Ingrid Bego
ISBN-13: 9781349561605
ISBN: 1349561606
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Autor: Ingrid Bego
ISBN-13:: 9781349561605
ISBN: 1349561606
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Seiten: 198
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