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Report on the State of the European Union

Report on the State of the European Union

Reforming the European Union
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Introduction: Europe Beyond the Treaty PART 1: ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES A Fugitive Boom? PART 2: NORMS AND INSTITUTIONS Social Norms and Macroeconomic Policies Growth Policies in Europe: A Problem of Collective Action? Macroeconomic Policies in the EUCT PART 3: COHESION AND ENLARGEMENTS European Integration and the Dynamic of Inequalities Understanding the Eastern Enlargement Fiscal Policies in the CEEC After May 1st 2004 Turkey and the EU: A Very Long Engagement PART 4: TOWARD A POLITICAL EUROPE? Were the Elections of June 2004 Truly 'European'?
The Report on the State of the European Union examines the progress of European integration and focuses on economic aspects of the process. This second volume in the series explores the four crises of contemporary Europe, those of growth, trust, inequalities and unity.

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    European Integration; European Union (EU); growth; Macroeconomics


Autor: J. Le Cacheux
ISBN-13: 9781349541379
ISBN: 1349541370
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Autor: J. Le Cacheux, J. Fitoussi, Jacques Le Cacheux
JEAN-PAUL FITOUSSI is President of the French Observatory Economic Situations (OFCE), France.
JACQUES LE CACHEUX is Professor of Economics at the French Observatory Economic Situations (OFCE), France.

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Autor: J. Le Cacheux
ISBN-13:: 9781349541379
ISBN: 1349541370
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Gewicht: 287g
Seiten: 224
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