Women, Men, Work and Family in Europe
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Women, Men, Work and Family in Europe

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R. Crompton
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Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: The Unravelling of the 'Male Breadwinner' Model - and Some of its Consequences; R.Crompton, S.Lewis & C.Lyonette Evolutions and Approaches to Equitable Divisions of Paid Work and Care in Three European Countries: A Multi-Level Challenge; R.Gambles, S.Lewis & R.Rapoport Social Policy in Europe: Its Impact on Families and Work; L.Den Dulk & A.Van Doorne-Huiskes Fertility Rates and Mothers' Employment Behaviour in Comparative Perspective: Similarities and Differences in Six European Countries; J.Fagnani Fertility Decline, The Postponement of Childbearing and the Increase in Childlessness in Central and Eastern Europe: A Gender Equity Approach; H.Haskova Main Patterns in Attitudes to the Articulation Between Work and Family Life: A Cross-National Analysis; K.Wall Occupational Class, Country and the Domestic Division of Labour; R.Crompton & C.Lyonette Gender, Social Class and Work-Life Balance in the New Economy; D.Perrons, L.Mcdowell, C.Fagan, K.Ray & K.Ward Care Capital, Stress and Satisfaction; A.Anttonen& J.Sipilä The Workplace as an Arena for Negotiating the Work-Family Boundary: A Case Study of Two Swedish Social Services Agencies; M.Bäck-Wiklund & L.Plantin Women's Occupational Patterns and Work-Family Arrangements: Do National and Organisational Policies Matter?; M.Das Dores Guerreiro & I.Pereira Employment, The Family and 'Work-Life Balance' in France; N.Le Feuvre & C.Lemarchant Continuities, Change and Transformations; R.Crompton, S.Lewis & C.Lyonette Bibliography Index
Social changes including an increase in dual-earner families, declining fertility, and growing problems of work-life 'balance' are underway as more women, particularly mothers, enter and remain in paid employment. The authors explore this in a number of European countries (Britain, France, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Portugal).