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On The Government of the Living

On The Government of the Living

Lectures at the Collège de France, 1979-1980
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Foreword: François Ewald and Alessandro Fontana Translator's Note Abbreviations 1. 9 January 1980 2. 16 January 1980 3. 23 January 1980 4. 30 January 1980 5. 6 February 1980 6. 13 February 1980 7. 20 February 1980 8. 27 February 1980 9. 5 March 1980 10. 12 March 1980 11. 19 March 1980 12. 16 March 1980 Course Summary Course Context Index of Greek Terms Index of Notions Index of Names
With these lectures Foucault inaugurates his investigations of truth-telling in the ethical domain of practices of techniques of the self. How and why, he asks, does the government of men require those subject to power to be subjects who must tell the truth about themselves?

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    ethics; Greek; Michel Foucault; subject; Truth; Translator


Autor: M. Foucault
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ISBN: 1349540994
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Author Michel Foucault: Michel Foucault, acknowledged as the pre-eminent philosopher of France in the 1970s and 1980s, continues to have enormous impact throughout the world in many disciplines.

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Autor: M. Foucault
ISBN-13:: 9781349540990
ISBN: 1349540994
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Gewicht: 481g
Seiten: 384
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