Germans or Foreigners? Attitudes Toward Ethnic Minorities in Post-Reunification Germany
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Germans or Foreigners? Attitudes Toward Ethnic Minorities in Post-Reunification Germany

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R. Alba
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Introduction; R.Alba The Ethnic and Demographic Structure of Foreigners and Immigrants in Germany; R.Munz & R.Ulrich On the Economic and Social Situations of Immigrants Living in Germany; S.Bender & W.Seifert Ethnocentrism in Germany: Worldview Connections and Social Contexts; M.Terwey The Others and We: Relationships between Germans and Non-Germans from the Point of View of Foreigners Living in Germany; S.Kuhnel & J.Leibold Measuring Contemporary Prejudice Towards Immigrants in Germany; R.Alba & M.Johnson Anti-Semitism in the Late 1990's; W.Bergmann & R.Erb Foreigners as Second Class Citizens?: Attitudes Toward Equal Civil Rights for Non-Germans; M.Wasmer & A.Koch Authoritarianism and Ethnocentrism in East and West Germany: Does the System Matter?; P.Schmidt & A.Heyder Ethnocentrism and Support for Extreme-Right Parties, 1980-1996; U.Rosar Social Distance and Physical Proximity: Day-to-Day Attitudes and Experience of Foreigners and Germans Living in the Same Residential Areas; F.Boltken Regional Influences on Attitudes Towards Foreigners; J.H.P.Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik
This book examines contemporary attitudes towards ethnic minorities in Germany. These minorities include some of immigrant origin, such as Italians, Turks, and asylum seekers, and the principal non-immigrant minority, Jews. While the findings demonstrate that intense prejudice against minorities is not widespread among Germans, many of whom in fact can be considered immigrant- and minority-friendly, a crystallization of attitudes is also evident: that is, attitudes towards immigrants are strongly correlated with anti-Semitism and with other worldview dimensions, such as positioning in the left-right political spectrum. In this sense, the fundamental question of whether immigrants and other minorities should be regarded as fellow citizens or ethnic outsiders remains relevant in the German context.