Implicit Memory
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Implicit Memory

Theoretical Issues
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Stephan Lewandowsky
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Contents: Part I:Introduction. R.S. Lockhart, The Role of Theory in Understanding Implicit Memory. Part II:Characterizing Implicit Memory. J.C. Dunn, K. Kirsner, Implicit Memory: Task or Process? W. Hirst, On Consciousness, Recall, Recognition, and the Architecture of Memory. D.L. Schacter, J. Bowers, J. Booker, Intention, Awareness, and Implicit Memory: The Retrieval Intentionality Criterion. H.L. Roediger, K. Srinivas, M.S. Weldon, Dissociations Between Implicit Measures of Retention. Part III:Theories and Models. E.U. Weber, B.B. Murdock, Priming in a Distributed Memory System: Implications for Models of Implicit Memory. K. Kirsner, J.C. Dunn, P. Standen, Domain-Specific Resources in Word Recognition. M.E.J. Masson, Fluent Preprocessing as an Implicit Expression of Memory for Experience. M.S. Humphreys, J.D. Bain, J.S. Burt, Episodically Unique and Generalized Memories: Applications to Human and Animal Amnesics. Part IV:Processes and Representations. C.M. MacLeod, J.N. Bassili, Are Implicit and Explicit Tests Differentially Sensitive to Item-Specific vs. Associative Information? L-G. Nilsson, L. B ckman, Implicit Memory and the Enactment of Verbal Instructions. S. Lewandowsky, K. Kirsner, V. Bainbridge, Context Effects in Implicit Memory: A Sense Specific Account. M. Carroll, Implicit Memory: Compatibility Between Study-Test Operations. S. Kinoshita, Masked and Unmasked Repetition Effects: Activation of Representation or Procedure? Part V:Development and Learning. A.J. Parkin, The Development and Nature of Implicit Memory. K. Durkin, Implicit Memory and Language Acquisition. J.G. Snodgrass, Sources of Learning in the Picture Fragment Completion Task. Part VI:Comment. M. Coltheart, Implicit Memory and the Functional Architecture of Cognition.
The first to focus exclusively on implicit memory research, this book documents the proceedings of a meeting held in Perth, Australia where leading researchers in the field exchanged ideas, data, and predictions about theoretical issues. In addition to reporting new information on a variety of topics, integrating previous findings, and proposing new theoretical approaches to implicit memory, the book also contains critical commentaries by highly regarded area specialists.