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The Globalisation of Intercultural Education

The Globalisation of Intercultural Education

The Politics of Macro-Micro Integration
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Introduction.- Part I: Globalising Intercultural Education: Politics, Policy-making and Implementation.- Chapter 1. Theorising Globalisation in Education.- Chapter 2. Conceptions of Intercultural Education from around the Globe.- Chapter 3. Conceptions of Education Policy for Intercultural Education.- Chapter 4. The Influence of Supranational Institutions on Policy-development for Intercultural Education.- Chapter 5. Adopting and Implementing Globalised Policies for Intercultural Education.- Part II: Globalising Intercultural Education: Findings from Previous Research.- Chapter 6. The Social Justice Issue in Policy for Intercultural Education: From Decision-making to Implementation.- Chapter 7. School Leadership for Intercultural Education.- Chapter 8. Teaching for Intercultural Education.- Chapter 9. Children Voices on Education Policy for Intercultural Education.- Chapter 10. Globalising Intercultural Education: The Politics of Macro- and Micro-integration.
This book examines the intersection of globalisation and intercultural education by focusing on the trajectory of education policy: from development to adoption and implementation. The centrality of the nation-state has been constrained by a wide range of new socio-cultural, political and economic phenomena over the past decade such as globalisation, Europeanisation, modernisation, and global recession. The main implications of these developments have only just begun to unfold, and continue to be debated by policy-makers, academics, and educators. However, it is widely accepted that global socio-political and economic developments have allowed supranational institutions, functioning across nation states rather than within them, to perform many state functions with regards to education policy development and implementation. Yet, much remains unknown (and under-researched) about the impact of these still-nascent developments on the trajectory of intercultural education. This book sets out to fill in this gap by examining the intersection of globalisation and intercultural education through macro-micro integration. After all, for modern societies to establish social cohesion, education research should examine issues of citizenship, democracy, and intercultural education under the lens of globalisation.

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    Bildungspolitik; Politik / Bildung; Bildungssoziologie; Soziologie / Bildungssoziologie; Bildungstheorie; Globalisierung; Interkulturell; Forschung (wirtschafts-, sozialwissenschaftlich) / Sozialforschung; Sozialforschung; Empirische Sozialforschung; Sozialforschung / Empirische Sozialforschung; Bildung / Bildungsmanagement; Bildungsmanagement; Management / Bildungsmanagement; Politik / Politikwissenschaft; Politikwissenschaft; Politologie; Regierungserklärung - Regierender ( Regierung ); Regier


Autor: Christina Hajisoteriou
ISBN-13: 9781137522986
ISBN: 1137522984
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Christina Hajisoteriou is a lecturer of Intercultural Education at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Previously she has served as a primary school teacher. Her research interests relate to intercultural education, migration, globalisation, Europeanisation, identity politics, and social cohesion. Her latest book is Intercultural Dialogue in Education.

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Autor: Christina Hajisoteriou
ISBN-13:: 9781137522986
ISBN: 1137522984
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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Seiten: 253
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