Electing and Ejecting Party Leaders in Britain
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Electing and Ejecting Party Leaders in Britain

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Thomas Quinn
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Examines leadership elections and evictions of leaders in British parties in the era of all-member ballots
Introduction Electing and Ejecting Party Leaders Selection and Ejection by the Parliamentary Party The Labour Party: The Electoral College The Conservative Party: Enfranchising the Members The Liberal Democrats: One Member-One Vote Electing and Ejecting Party Leaders: An Assessment Appendix A: Labour Party Leadership Election Results 1955-2010 Appendix B: Conservative Party Leadership Election Results 1965-2005 Appendix C: Liberal Party, Social Democratic Party and Liberal Democrat Leadership Election Results 1967-2007 Leadership Election Rules and Results in the Minor Parties and Devolved Major Parties: Appendix D: Green Party of England and Wales Appendix E: United Kingdom Independence Party Appendix F: British National Party Appendix G: Scottish National Party Appendix H: Plaid Cymru Appendix I: Labour Party Leaders in Scotland and Wales Appendix J: Conservative Party Leaders in Scotland and Wales Appendix K: Liberal Democrat Leaders in Scotland and Wales Appendix L: Donations to Candidates in Party Leadership Contests 2001-10 Appendix M: Proposed Labour Leadership Election Timetable 2009 Notes Index
The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats each allow their members to participate in the selection of the party leader. It also examines the consequences of all-member ballots in leadership elections. It looks at how parties remove leaders, showing that each of the major British parties sought to make it harder to evict incumbents.