Organizational Behavior, Binder Ready Version
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Organizational Behavior, Binder Ready Version

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Mitchell J. Neubert
839 g
254x201x18 mm
Chapter 1 - Putting People First
Chapter 2 - Exploring The Landscape Of OB
Chapter 3 - Understanding Individual Attributes
Chapter 4 - Considering Individual States
Chapter 5 - Motivating Individuals
Chapter 6 - Making Decisions
Chapter 7 - Leading Self
Chapter 8 - Understanding Relationships
Chapter 9 - Leading Others
Chapter 10 - Groups And Teams
Chapter 11 - Communicating With Purpose
Chapter 12 - Understanding Organizational Culture And Structure
Chapter 13 - Developing Organizational Culture And Structures
Chapter 14 - Motivating With Systems
Chapter 15 - Leading Organizational Change
Chapter 16 - Creating Organizations
Unlike any other OB textbook in the market, Neubert, Organizational Behavior empowers students to look at OB through two "lenses:" the traditional, core concepts that focus on how to make a company profitable, and the collaboration, creativity, and ethical decision making that lead to developing sustainable businesses. By inviting students to compare and contrast short-term profitability and long-term sustainability, Organizational Behavior helps students build the critical thinking skills needed to positively affect organizations, people, and communities.
Accompanying Neubert/Dyck, Organizational Behavior is WileyPLUS, a research-based, online environment for effective teaching and learning. This online learning system provides students with a variety of study tools, a complete e-text and practice quizzes with instant feedback. For instructors, WileyPLUS offers automatically graded assignments or tests and a gradebook for monitoring student progress. Available in or outside of the Blackboard Learning Environment, WileyPLUS resources help reach all types of learners and give instructors the tools they need to enhance course material.