Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions. Vol.6
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Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions. Vol.6

Clinical Aspects
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Alexander V. Lyubimov
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Contributors ix
Preface to the Encyclopedia xxiii

Preface--Volume 6 xxvii

PART X Clinical Aspects of Drug Metabolism and Interactions 1

1 Clinical Aspects of Drug Biotransformation: An Overview 3
Michael D. Coleman and Louis L. Radulovic

2 CYP450 Enzymes in Drug Discovery and Development: An Overview 53
Lin Xu, Biplab Das, and Chandra Prakash

3 DDI Risk Assessment and Evaluation in Pharmaceutical Development: Interfacing Drug Metabolism and Clinical Pharmacology 89
Karthik Venkatakrishnan

4 Current and Future Tools for Predicting Clinical Drug-Drug Interactions 151
Peter L. Bullock and Olga V. Trubetskoy

5 Predicting Human Biotransformation Pathways 177
Shelby Anderson, Debra Luffer-Atlas, and Mary Pat Knadler

6 Conjugation, Transport, and Elimination of Drugs in Humans 205
Ronald E. Savage

7 Role and Clinical Consequences of Human UDP-Glucuronosyltransferases 243
Deepak K. Dalvie and Cho-Ming Loi

8 Herb-Drug and Food-Drug Interactions 279
Martin S. Lennard

9 Effects of Liver Disease on Drug Metabolism in Humans 307
Hui-Hui Tan and Thomas D. Schiano

10 Role of Phase I Metabolism in Drug Activation and Clinical Treatment Outcomes 353
Bernard Testa and André Pannatier

11 Role of Metabolism in Toxicity of Drugs in Humans 377
Amit S. Kalgutkar and Jonathan N. Bauman

12 Idiosyncratic Drug Reactions and the Potential Role of Metabolism 403
Jack P. Uetrecht

PART XI Metabolism of Specific Drug Groups and Patient Populations 455
13 Metabolism of Psychotropic Drugs 457

Julia Stingl, Jessica Oesterheld, and Miia Turpeinen

14 Metabolism-Based Consequences of Polytherapy with Antiepileptic Drugs 473
Philip N. Patsalos

15 Oral Chemotherapeutic Agents 499
Shin Ogita, Patricia LoRusso, and Jing Li

16 Drug Metabolism and Interactions in Pediatric Patients 537
Souzan Yanni and Karel Allegaert

17 Population-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Simulation 581
Frédéric Y. Bois and Masoud Jamei

18 Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Labeling. The Impact of Drug Metabolism and Clinical Pharmacology on Recommended Dose of Drugs 609
Stuart Dombey

Index 621
This multi-volume, state-of-the-art encyclopedia discusses all preclinical, clinical, toxicological, regulatory and marketing perspectives of drug metabolism and interactions. Methods and detailed protocols describing how to perform studies of metabolism and drug interactions are presented in one of the volumes. All aspects of drug metabolism and interactions in silico, in laboratory animals and in humans, are backed with a range of examples. This reference is essential for researchers interested in all aspects of drug development, and chemists, pharmacologists, pharmaceutical specialists, toxicologists, molecular toxicologists, and clinicians including practitioners and physicians.