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4 Steps to the College of Your Dreams
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David Montesano
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All the Advice You Need to Get In To the College You Want! Getting in to your dream college has never been more competitive. Swamped with applications, admissions officers spend 10-20 minutes on each, looking for reasons to say no. It's crucial that students make it easy for colleges to say yes. In his new book, Brand U, renowned college admissions adviser David Montesano shows you exactly how to position yourself as the kind of applicant colleges are eager to admit. David's proven, easy-to-follow Montesano Method takes the fear and uncertainty out of the admissions process, maximizes your chances of success, and is a guide that addresses the goals and concerns of both students and parents, because going through college applications is a family experience. The Montesano Method has 4 phases: SPARK: Here we identify the most critical element for your college application, your spark. This is what sets you apart from the crowd. FIRE: With your spark, now we build your fire, finding and developing your abilities and experiences that make you exceptional. This process isn't just about college, but life. VISION: What kind of undergraduate experience is right for you? We avoid superficial criteria like magazine rankings and instead guide you to the best undergrad fit for you. BRAND: Here, by positioning how you're different and what you bring to each college, we turn the admissions game around so that you're in control and colleges are pursuing you. The college game is too rough to go it alone. With Brand U, you'll have everything you need to find-and get into-the college of your dreams. Brand U Reviews "David Montesano has written a masterful book on how high school students can brand themselves in a way that will lead to winning more college acceptances. With top schools becoming more exclusive, getting the inside scoop on what excites college admission officers is invaluable. I highly recommend that parents and teenagers read this book." Lynn O'Shaughnessy, Education and Finance Writer, CBS Moneywatch "Montesano expertly translates tried and tested strategies and marketing techniques into a "how to" get-into-the-college-of- your-choice guide. His techniques work. I know, because my son got into 14 of the 15 schools he applied to, including his "reach" schools. Do not apply without reading this first!" John McLaughlin, Former CEO and Group President, About the Author: David Montesano is founder of College Match ( - a leading global educational consultancy; more than 96% of Montesano Method students have gained admission to their "reach" colleges and graduate schools, winning merit scholarships averaging $57,000 - the largest amount for students whose awards are being measured. Brand U is David's second book; his first was 10 Strategic College Admission Steps (College Bound News). Termed a "new breed" of college admission consultant by The Washington Post/Newsweek, David contributes to articles in The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report's "Best Colleges," the CBS Moneywatch Blog, Seattle Magazine and Newsweek/Daily Beast. Appearances include CBS-TV in San Francisco and on radio shows and webcasts including Michael Dresser Live and College Week Live. David also offers the Montesano Methodology in a six-part video course available at