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Other Side of Organized

Finding Balance Between Chaos and Perfection
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CPO-CD(R) Linda Samuels
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Organizing is about more than just finding a place for everything. Professional Organizer Linda Samuels, CPO-CD(R) writes in The Other Side of Organized: Finding Balance between Chaos and Perfection that true order is about finding a level of order that's comfortable for you, discovering places and people that renew your energy, and being organized enough to feel balanced. Do you get overwhelmed with disorganization and clutter? Feel like your schedule doesn't allow enough unplanned time? Find yourself caught in frenetic multi-tasking? In The Other Side of Organized, Samuels encourages readers to get organized enough to reduce the stress of life's details and make time to embrace their passions. Already, thousands of clients and readers have found help and inspiration in her advice, personal reflections on change and connection, and vision of what can be accomplished when we find that sweet spot between chaos and perfection. Sheila Delson, CPO-CD a past president of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, praises the book: "e;Beautifully and thoughtfully written, The Other Side of Organized presents a refreshing perspective on being organized. An original view we all should adopt."e; Barry Izsak, a past president of the National Association of Professional Organizers, also says, "e;A fresh, new approach about the underlying causes of disorganization. The Other Side of Organized will help you break through your roadblocks to live the life you want."e; Ellen Littman, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and author of Understanding Girls with ADHD, says, "e;Linda's personal narrative highlights the ways in which our internal lives impact our ability to organize. The Other Side of Organized will help readers reframe their organizing goals to strive for balance rather than perfection."e;In January 1993, Linda Samuels combined her visual arts expertise, business background, love of helping people, and organizing abilities to launch her organizing business Oh, So Organized! In addition to hands-on organizing, Samuels presents seminars, writes, blogs, and consults for other professional organizers. She has been featured in The New York Times, Woman's Day, Ladies Home Journal, and Bottom Line Personal and Westchester Magazine.