Giza Reports
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Giza Reports

Volume I - Project History, Survey, Ceramics, and the Main Street and GalleryIII.4 Operations
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Wilma Wetterstrom
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Foreword (Zahi Hawass); Preface and Acknowledgments (Mark Lehner); List of Abbreviations Used in this Volume; Drawing Conventions; Introduction Introduction (Mark Lehner); Survey The Survey: The Beginning (David Goodman and Mark Lehner); Appendix to Chapter 2: Giza Survey Notebook (Mark Lehner); The GPMP Surveying and Mapping Control-Datums (David Goodman); Main Street Introduction to the Main Street Excavations (Mark Lehner); Main Street Excavations (Ashraf Abd el-Aziz and Freya Sadarangani); Main Street: Short Specialist Reports Main Street Ceramics (Anna Wodzinska); Main Street Lithics (Cordula Werschkun); Main Street Plant Remains (Mary Anne Murray); Main Street Charcoal (Rainer Gerisch); Main Street Faunal Remains (Richard Redding); Main Street Sealings (John Nolan); The Gallery Complex: Gallery III.4 Introduction to the Gallery III.4 Excavations (Mark Lehner); Gallery III.4 Excavations (Ashraf Abd el-Aziz and James Taylor); Gallery III.4: Short Specialist Reports Gallery III.4 Ceramics (Anna Wodzinska); Gallery III.4 Lithics (Cordula Werschkun); Gallery III.4 Plant Remains (Mary Anne Murray); Gallery III.4 Charcoal (Rainer Gerisch); Gallery III.4 Faunal Remains (Richard Redding); Gallery III.4 Sealings (John Nolan); Ceramics Introduction to the Preliminary Ceramic Report (Mark Lehner); Preliminary Report on the Ceramics (Anna Wodzinska).
Volume 1 includes a foreword by Zahi Hawass, a preface, a history of the project, three articles on the work to establish a survey grid over the Giza Plateau, and a preliminary ceramic report. There are also detailed reports on two excavation operations - Main Street and Gallery III.4 - along with short reports on the ceramics, lithics, floral, fauna, charcoal, and sealings from these areas. The volume is heavily illustrated with 196 line drawings (many of which are archaeological plans and sections) and 96 black and white photos. It also includes two large fold-out maps: a topographical map of the Giza Plateau and a map of the site.