World, Self, Poem: Essays on Contemporary Poetry from the 'Jubilation of Poets'
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World, Self, Poem: Essays on Contemporary Poetry from the 'Jubilation of Poets'

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Leonard M. Trawick
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236x160x27 mm
Part 1 World: how poets learn, Hugh Kenner; arrogant humility and aristocratic torpor - where have we been, where are we going?, Jeff Gundy; the public and private realms of Geoffrey Hill's "Mercian Hymns", David Lloyd; Ted Hughes in and out of time - "Remains of Elmet" and "Moortown Elegies", Rand Brandes; history, mutation, and the mutation of history in Edward Dorn's "Gunslinger", Alan Golding; poetocracy - the poetry workshop movement in Nicaragua, Diane Kendig; the sigh of our present - nuclear annihilation and contemporary poetry, John Gery. Part 2 Self: the missing "I" - poetry from "Kayak" in the 1980s, Kenith L.Simmons; Gerald Stern's mediation of the I and the I, Peter A.Siedlecki; "Free / of Blossom and Subterfuge" - Louise Gluck and the language of renunciation, Lynn Keller; having your meaning at hand - work in Snyder and Berry, Lionel Basney; Adrienne Rich - vision as rewriting, Thomas B.Byers. Part 3 Poem: dialogue and the political imagination in Denise Levertov and Adrienne Rich, Lorrie Smith; concrete and abstract poetry - the world as text and the text as world, Mary Lewis Shaw; Ashbery and the condition of music, Fred E.Maus; contemporary and found, Stephen Matterson; Montana eclogue - the pastoral art of William Stafford, Thomas E.Benediktsson; Robert Duncan's marriage of heaven and hell - kabbalah and rime in "Roots and Branches", Burton Hatlen.
A collection of essays submitted by poets and scholars from around the US and Canada for presentation at the "Jubilation of Poets" festival celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center in October 1986.