John McGrath: Plays for England
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John McGrath: Plays for England

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John McGrath
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Exeter Performance Studies (Pa

List of Illustrations, vii; Acknowledgements, viii; Foreword by Michael Billington, ix; Introduction; John McGrath's early career: 1958-70, 2; The Liverpool Everyman: 1971-72, 6; 7:84 Theatre Company: 1971-73, 18; 7:84 England Theatre Company: 1973-75, 26; 7:84 England Theatre Company in decline: 1976-79, 40; Responding to Thatcherism: 1980-85, 46; Watching for Dolphins in the 1990s, 56; Notes, 64; Bibliography and Further Reading, 68; The Plays; They've Got Out (1961), 73; Unruly Elements/Plugged In (1971), 76; Angel of the Morning, 77; Plugged in to History, 92; They're Knocking Down the Pie Shop, 104; Trees in the Wind (1971), 114; Fish in the Sea (1975), 156; Lay Off (1975), 236; Rejoice! (1982), 284; Watching for Dolphins (1992), 325.
This is an edition of nine of McGrath's plays for the English 7:84 theatre company. It covers McGrath's work for the company spanning four decades, from the 1960s through to the 1990s. The book has a substantial contextualising introduction and commentary on the plays by Nadine Holdsworth, one of the leading specialists in the work of John McGrath. This is set alongside supporting documents such as programme notes, reviews, letters etc. The plays and theatre work of John McGrath are studied in many theatre departments, but they have not been available to the average reader. The English plays constitute a powerful influence on the theatre in general and are included in all theatre histories of the period; this collection should make them available to students, audiences and the public at large with an interest in theatre and in the social issues of their periods.