Francois Mauriac: Psycholectures/Psychoreadings: Psycholectures
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Francois Mauriac: Psycholectures/Psychoreadings: Psycholectures

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1. La mere, personnage cle dans les romans de Mauriac, J.E. Flower 2. La paternite dans "Le Noeud de Viperes" et "La Pharisienne" de Mauriac, Josette Pacaly 3. Sens et signification du theme du double dans les premiers romans de Francois Mauriac, Olivier Maison 4. Sisters and brother-sister relationships in the novels of Francois Mauriac, J.E. Flower 5. Une lecture du "Sang d'Atys", Marc Quaghebeur 6. Oedipal and pre-Oedipal elements in "Therese Desqueyroux", William Kidd 7. "Therese Desqueyroux", Marc Quaghebeur 8. Towards a psychobiological study of Mauriac - the case of "Genitrix", J.E. Flower 9. Mauriac's revolutionary phantasm - the textual unconsciousness in "Genitrix", William Kidd 10. "Ce qui etait perdu" et la "passion etrangere", J.E. Flower 11. "Un Adolescent d'autrefois" ou le roman d'Atys, Olivier Maison et J.E. Flower 12. Droles d'oiseaux ("Le Mal" de Francois Mauriac), M.-J. Bataille 13. Censure et autocensure dans "L'Agneau" et dans "Le Sagouin" de Mauriac, Michel Malicet 14. Mauriac et Freud, Paul Croc 15.Mauriac, Freud - l'absence d'une conjonction de coordination, M.-C. Praicheu 16. Le Noeud gordien - Mauriac et la psychanalyse, M.-J. Bataille
Francois Mauriac is one of France's most read and consistently studied modern writers. For more than a decade, Mauriac's work has been increasingly subjected to analyses drawing their inspiration in one way or another from psychology. Most of the essays in this collection are written from a psychobiographical or psychocritical viewpoint, drawing on the work of Freud, Marthe Robert, Klein, Lacan and Mauron. In some cases, they investigate recurrent themes, motifs or preoccupations in Mauriac's work as a whole; in others, they focus their attention on individual texts. Brought together, they indicate the richness of this kind of approach as well as of the material at which it is directed. The essays are presented in the language of original composition (English or French) with a complete set of summaries in the alternate language in an appendix.