Political Economy of Small Tropical Islands: The Importance of Being Small
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Political Economy of Small Tropical Islands: The Importance of Being Small

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Helen M. Hintjens

Contents: Introduction, Malyn Newitt; small tropical islands - a general overview, David Lowenthal; Europe's overseas territories - vestiges of colonialism or windows on the worlds, John Connell and Robert Aldrich; constitutional change, external assistance and economic development in small islands - the case of Montserrat, David Marlow; alternative forms of decolonization in the East Caribbean - the comparative politics of the non-Sovereign Islands, Fred Constant; France's love children? the French overseas departments, Helen M. Hintjenns; the perils of being a microstate - Sao Tome and the Comoros Islands since independence, Malyn Newitt; the Mascareignes, the Seychelles and the Chagos, islands with a French connection - security in a decolonized Indian Ocean, Jean Houbert; towards an alternative development policy for Sao Tome and Principe, Henrique Pinto Da Costa; micro-states, increasing integration and awkward imperatives of adjustment - the case of the Republic of the Maldives, Mike Faber; the federated states of Micronesia - is there a pacific way to avoid a Mirab society?, John Cameron.
This book is a comparative study of a number of dependent and independent tropical islands and archipelagos. Its contributors seek to answer a number of vital questions affecting the security, political status and economic development of some of the world's smallest and most remote communities.