After the End - PB
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After the End - PB

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James M. Scott
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Contents List of tables and figures Preface 1 Out of the cold: the post Cold War context of US foreign policy - James M. Scott & A. Lane Crothers I Actors and Influence 2 The Presidency and US foreign policy after the Cold War - Jerel Rosati & Stephen Twing 3 The foreign policy bureaucracy in a new era - Christopher M. Jones 4 Foreign economic policy making under Bill Clinton - J. M. Destler 5 Congress and post-Cold War US foreign policy - Ralph G. Carter 6 Public Opinion and US foreign policy after the Cold War - Ole Holsti 7 Interest groups and the edia in post-Cold War US foreign policy - James M. McCormick II Cases 8 Making US foreign policy toward China in the Clinton Administration - John T. Rourke & Richard Clark 9 American Assistance to the former Soviet states in 1993-1994 -Jeremey D. Rosner 10 The Promotion of democracy at the end of the twentieth century: a new pole star for American foreign policy 11 Between a rock and a hard place: assertive multilateralism and post-Cold War US foreign policy making - Jennifer Sterling-Folker 12 The White House, Congress and the paralysis of the US state department after the Cold War - Steven W. Hook 13 Ally to Orphan: understanding US policy toward Somalia after the Cold War - Peter J. Schraeder 14 NAFTA and beyond: the politics of trade in the post-Cold War period - Renee G. Scherlen 15 Interbranch policy making after the end - James M. Scott Notes and Contributors; Index
Investigates the international and domestic political landscapes in order to understand the constraints and imperatives of U.S. post-Cold War foreign policy.