Who is the European? - A New Global Player?

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Michael Kuhn
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Contents: Michael Kuhn: Who are Europeans? - Problems of Political Sciences Reflecting on Transnational Democratic Citizenship - Terry Seddon: The European in Transnational Times: A Case for the Learning Citizen - Anja Heikkinen: The EU-European: A Global Player - Michael A. Peters: Europa, Europeanisation, and Europe: Constituting New Europeans - John Holford: The European Citizen in a Learning Society: Governed, Mobilised or Active? - Aitor Gómez/Rosa Valls: Romà's contribution to European Identity - Domenico Maddaloni: From Athens to Sarajevo? Learning Society and Citizenship in European Debates on Welfare, Politics and Global Competition - Paul Kellermann: Images of the European University and the European Student in the Bologna Process - A Critical Discussion - Jacqueline Brine: The European Lifelong Learner - Catherine Casey: Workers of Europe: Citizens or Resources in European Policies for a Knowledge Economy - Isabelle Darmon/Carlos Frade: From the Unemployed to 'Job-seekers, the Disadvantaged and Inactive': A Short History of European Categories for the Mobilisation of Labour - Amparo Serrano Pascual: Supranational Expertocracy and the Policies of Production of Identities.
The European citizen is neither a subject nor an object in the discourses about the project «Europe.» Instead, the question of how to construct Europe and who European citizens are has become a topic for EU-experts, among whom European citizens are not counted. This book cannot provide a platform for a discourse among European citizens about their view on the project «Europe.» It does, however, provide some insights for European citizens about who Europeans are «supposed» to be, concluded from the discourses of all those European «expertocrats.»