Violence, Identity, and Self-Determination
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Violence, Identity, and Self-Determination

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Hent de Vries
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Introduction Hent de Vries and Samual Weber; 1. Violence and testimony: on sacrificing sacrifice Hent de Vries; 2. Monastic violence M. B. Pranger; 3. Characteristic violence, or, the physiognomy of style Marian Hobson; 4. Wartime Samuel Weber; 5. The camp as the Nomos of the modern Giorgio Agamben; 6. Enlightenment and Paranomia Stathis Gourgouris; 7. Cannibals all: the grave wit of Kant's perpetual peace Susan M. Shell; 8. Otherwise than self-determination: the mortal freedom of Oedipus Asphaleos Michael Dillon; 9. The victim's tale: memory and forgetting in the story of violence Peter van der Veer; 10. Eroticism, colonialism, and violence Ali Behdad; 11. Traumatic awakenings Cathy Caruth; 12. Habeas corpus: the law's desire to have the body Anselm Haverkamp and Cornelia Vismann; 13. On the politics of pure means: Benjamin, Arendt, Foucault Beatrice Hanssen; 14. Marx, mourning, messianicity Peter Fenves; 15. Violence, identity, self-determination, and the question of justice: on Specters of Marx Peggy Kamuf; 16. One to many multiculturalisms Werner Hamacher; 17. ... and pomegranates Jacques Derrida; Notes.
Jacques Derrida, Giorgio Agamben, Werner Hamacher, Samuel Weber, and others rethink the "concept" of violence, both in itself and in relation to the formation and transformation of identities--individual, collective, political, cultural, religious, and secular.