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Screening Integration

Screening Integration

Recasting Maghrebi Immigration in Contemporary France
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Acknowledgments Introduction / Sylvie Durmelat and Vinay Swamy 1. From "Ghettoes" to Globalization: Situating Maghrebi-French Filmmakers / Alec G. Hargreaves 2. Hidden Islam: The Role of the Religious in Beur and Banlieue Cinema / Michel Cade 3. "Et si on allait en Algerie?" Home, Displacement, and the Myth of Return in Recent Journey Films by Maghrebi-French and North African Emigre Directors / Will Higbee 4. Turning Integration Inside Out: How Johnny the Frenchman Became Abdel Bachir the Arab Grocer in Il etait une fois dans l'oued / Hakim Abderrezak 5. Re-Visions of the Algerian War of Independence: Writing the Memories of Algerian Immigrants into French Cinema / Sylvie Durmelat 6. Rachid Bouchareb's Indigenes: Political or Ethical Event of Memory? / Mireille Rosello 7. Class Acts: Education, Gender, and Integration in Recent French Cinema / Carrie Tarr 8. Don't Touch the White Woman: La journee de la jupe or Feminism at the Service of Islamophobia / Genevieve Sellier 9. A Space of Their Own? Women in Maghrebi-French Filmmaking / Patricia Geesey 10. Sexual/Social (Re)Orientations: Cross-Dressing, Queerness, and the Maghrebi/Beur Male in Liria Begeja's Change-moi ma vie and Amal Bedjaoui's Un fils / Darren Waldron 11. (Re)Casting Sami Bouajila: An Ambiguous Model of Integration, Belonging, and Citizenship / Murray Pratt and Denis M. Provencher 12. Repackaging the Banlieues: Malik Chibane's La trilogie urbaine / Vinay Swamy Filmography; Contributors; Index
Provides a much-needed reference for those interested in comprehending the complex shifts in twenty-first century French cinema


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ISBN: 0803228252
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ISBN-13:: 9780803228252
ISBN: 0803228252
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Gewicht: 438g
Seiten: 282
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