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John W O'Malley
1437 g
237 x 162 x 62 mm
Part 1 Reframing Jesuit history: the historiography of the Society of Jesus - where does it stand? John W. O'Malley, SJ; "Le style jesuite n'existe pas" - Jesuit corporate culture and the visual arts, Gauvin Alexander Bailey; the fertility and the shortcomings of renaissance rhetoric - the Jesuit case, Marc Fumaroli; the cultural field of Jesuit science, Rivka Feldhay. Part 2 The Roman scene: two Farnese cardinals and the questions of Jesuit taste, Clare Robertson; college art - prints, poetry, and music for the Academic Defence at the Collegio Romano, Louise Rice; from "Eyes of All" to "Useful quarries in Philosophy and Good Literature" - consuming Jesuit science, 1600-1665, Michael John Gorman; music history in the Musurgia universalis of Athanasius Kircher, Margaret Murata. Part 3 Mobility - overseas missions and the circulation of culture: mapping Jesuit science - the role of travel in the geography of knowledge, Steven J. Harris; Jesuits, Jupiter's satellites, and the Academie Royale des Sciences, Florence Hsia; Exemplo aeque ut verbo - the French Jesuits; missionary world, Dominique Deslandres; east and west - Jesuit art and artists in central Europe, and central European art in the Americas, Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann; the role of the Jesuits in the transfer of secular baroque culture to the Rio de la Plata region, Magnus Morner; Candide and a ship, T. Frank Kennedy, SJ. Part 4 Encounters with the other -between assimilation and domination: Alessandro Valignano - the Jesuits and culture in the east, Andre C. Ross; Jesuit corporate culture as shaped by the Chinese, Nicolas Standaert, SJ; translation as cultural reform - Jesuit scholastic psychology in the transformation of the Confucian discourse on human nature, Qiong Zhang; the truth-showing mirror - Jesuit catechism and the arts in Mughal India, Gauvin Alexander Bailey; Roberto de Nobili's "Dialogue on Eternal Life" and an early Jesuit evaluation of religion in south India, Francis X. Clooney, SJ; Jesuit perception of and response to the indigenous peoples of the Philippines, Rene Javellana, SJ. Part 5 Tradition, innovation, accommodation: Bernini's image of the ideal Christian monarch, Irving Lavin; innovation and assimilation - the Jesuit contribution to architectural development in Portuguese India, David M. Kowal; God's good taste - the Jesuit aesthetics of Juan Bautista Villalpando in the six and tenth centuries, B.C.E., Jaime Lara; Jesuit Aristotelian education - the "De anima" commentaries, Alison Simmons; Jesuit physics in 18th century Germany - some important continuities, Marcus Hellyer; the Jesuits and Polish Sarmatianism, Stanislaw Obirek, SJ. Part 6 Conversion and configuration through devotion and the arts: the art of salvation in Bavaria, Jeffrey Chipps Smith; Henry Hawkins - a Jesuit writer and emblematist in Stuart England, Karl Josef Holtgen; Jesuit casuistry or Jesuit spirituality? the roots of 17th century British puritan practical divinity, James F. Keenan, SJ; the use
An astounding history of the accomplishments of the Society of Jesus, from painting and poetry to cartography and physics, from Europe to New France to China.