The Practice of Quality Management
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The Practice of Quality Management

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Uday S. Karmarkar
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1. Introduction to the Volume; P.J. Lederer. Part 1: Performance of Total Quality Management. 2. An Exploratory Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Total Quality Management on Corporate Performance; S.L. Jarrell, G.S. Easton. Part 2: Understanding Total Quality Management. 3. Quality Activities and Quality Performance of Japanese and U.S. Firms in the Printed Circuit Board Industry; A.J. Swersey, et al. 4. Cost, Quality and Customer Satisfaction of Software Products: A Field Study; M.S. Krishnan, et al. 5. Measuring Product Development to Improve the Quality of the Process; A. Griffin. 6. The Impact of Knowledge on Quality; A.S. Mukherjee, L.N. van Wassenhove. 7. Quality Management in Services: Analysis and Measurement; U. Apte, et al. Part 3: Organizations and Total Quality Management. 8. Science, Specific Knowledge and Total Quality Management; K.H. Wruck, M.C. Jensen. 9. Introduction to Quality-Driven Team-Based Systems: Issues at the Boundary of Operations Management and Industrial Relations; S. Dasu, et al. Part 4: Using Total Quality Management. 10. Deploying Total Quality Management at the University of Pennsylvania; P.R. Kleindorfer. 11. The Mess at Plastron: A Case History of an SPC Startup; P.J. Kolesar. Index.
The Practice of Quality Management presents the results of eleven ground-breaking research projects in quality management. It is the first collection of research papers by academics in this area. The projects are empirical studies on total quality management that suggest new ways to think about quality. The objective of the research found in this book is to develop theory and to assist practice. Thus, this volume is of interest to both academic researchers and practising managers.The chapters fall into four categories: `Performance', `Understanding TQM', `Organizations', and `Using TQM'. All of the chapters show that there are many different applications and research issues associated with quality. The chapters on `Understanding TQM' suggest that it is possible to develop and test theories of quality. The chapters on `Performance' demonstrate that studies of the operational and financial effect of quality can yield positive results. Many thinkers on quality consider that organizational impacts of quality are the most important drivers of the quality process. The chapters on `Organizations' present evidence on how quality programs affect human resource management, and organizational structure. Finally, the chapters on `Using TQM' present several studies of applications of quality management.