Piezoelectric Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors
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Piezoelectric Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors

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Kenji Uchino
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This text provides in-depth coverage of the theoretical background of piezoelectric and electrostrictive actuators, practical materials, device designs, drive/control techniques, typical applications, and future trends in the field.
Preface. 1. The Trends in Micro-Mechatronics and Piezoelectric/Electrostrictive Actuators. 2. Origins of Electric Field Induced Strains. 3. Piezoelectric and Related Materials for Actuator Applications. 4. Structures and Fabrication Processes of Ceramic Actuators. 5. Measuring Techniques for Micro-Displacements and High Power Piezoelectric Characteristics. 6. Drive/Control Techniques of Piezoelectric/Electrostrictive Actuators. 7. Servo Displacement Transducer Applications. 8. Pulse Drive Motor Applications. 9. Ultrasonic Motor Applications. 10. Present Status of Piezoelectric/Electrostrictive Actuators and Remaining Problems. Appendix 1: Standardization of Ceramic Actuators. Appendix 2: Committee/Workshops on Ceramic Actuators. Appendix 3: References to Commercialized Ceramic Actuators. Index.
Remarkable developments have taken place in the field of mechatronics in recent years. As symbolized by the "Janglish (Japanese English)" word, mechatronics, the technology and the social adaptation for introducing electronics into mechanics has been readily accepted in Japan. Currently robots are producing many products under computer control in Japanese factories, and supermarkets are utilizing automation systems for sample displays and sales. Further, the fast paced change in semiconductor chip technology has given rise to the need for micro-displacement positioning techniques. Actuators utilizing piezoelectridelectrostrictive effects are expected to meet these needs in mechanical components in the next micro mechatronic age. This book, in English, builds on my earlier publications concerned with ceramic actuators. The first edition titled "Essentials for Development and Applications of Piezoelectric Actuators" was published in 1984 through the Japan Industrial Technology Center. The second edition "PiezoelectriclElectrostrictive Actuators" published in Japanese through Morikita Pub. Co. (Tokyo) became one of the best sellers in that company in 1986, and was then translated into Korean. The problem solving edition "Piezoelectric Actuators -Problem Solving" was also published through Morikita, which was sold in conjunction with a 60 minute video tape to provide easy understanding.