Data Envelopment Analysis: Theory, Methodology, and Applications
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Data Envelopment Analysis: Theory, Methodology, and Applications

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Abraham Charnes
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Preface; G. Kozmetsky. Part I: Concepts, Models & Computation. 1. Introduction. 2. Basic DEA Models. 3. Extensions to DEA Models. 4. Computational Aspects of DEA; A. Iqbal Ali. 5. DEA Software Packages. Part II: Novel Applications. 6. Evaluating the Impacts of Operating Strategies on Efficiency in the U.S. Airline Industry; R.D. Banker, H.H. Johnston. 7. Analyzing Technical and Allocative Efficiency of Hospitals; P. Byrnes, V. Valdmanis. 8. A Multi Period Analysis of Market Segments and Brand Efficiency in the Competitive Carbonated Beverage Industry; A. Charnes, W.w. Cooper, B. Golanyi, F.Y. Phillips, J.J. Rousseau. 9. Exploring why Some Physicians' Hospital Practices are More Efficient: Taking DEA Inside the Hospital; J. Chilingerian. 10. On the Measurement and Monitoring of Relative Efficiency of Highway Maintenance Patrols; W.D. Cook, A. Kazakov, Y. Roll. 11. Strategic Leaders in the U.S. Brewing Industry: a Longitudinal Analysis of Outliers; D. Day, A.Y. Lewin, R. Salazar, Hongyu Li. 12. A Spatial Efficiency Framework for the Support of Locational Decision; A. Desai, K. Haynes, J. Storbeck. 13. Productivity Developments in Swedish Hospitals: a Malmquist Output Index Approach; R. Färe, S. Grosskopf, B. Lindgren, P. Roos. 14. Ownership Type, Property Rights and Relative Efficiency; G. Ferrier. 15. A Comparative Analysis of Ferry Transport in Norway; F.R. Førsund, E. Hernaes. 16. Incorporating Standards via Data Envelopment Analysis; B. Golany, Y. Roll. 17.Stratified Models of Education Production Using Modified DEA and Regression Analysis; C.A. Knox Lovell, L.C. Walters, L.L. Woods. 18. The Problems of New and Disappearing Commodities in the Construction of Price Indexes; C.A. Knox Lovell, K.D. Zieschang. 19. Evaluating the Relative Efficiency of Baseball Players? M.J. Mazur. 20. Sensitivity Analysis of Efficiency Measures with Applications to Kansas Farming and Illinois Coal Mining; R. Thompson, P.S. Dharmapala, R.M. Thrall. Part III: Epilogue: Process and Bibliography. 21. The DEA Process, Usages and Interpretations. 22. DEA Bibliography; L.M. Seiford. References. Index.
This book establishes a reference source for DEA that accomplishes the following seven objectives: Motivates DEA as a new approach to organizing and analyzing data beyond its origin in efficiency analyses; Presents an integrated framework, and standardized notation for understanding basic DEA models and their extension; Develops a deeper understanding of computational issues involved in solving various DEA formulations; Provides insights into the DEA process, its usage and interpretations; Highlights the range of potential uses of DEA through examples of novel applications; Provides an updated comprehensive bibliography; Facilitates the diffusion of DEA by making Chapters 1--4 and 21 available for inclusion in operations research, econometric and statistic textbooks under normal provisions which maintain original copyright status.