Foldable Flex and Thinned Silicon Multichip Packaging Technology
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Foldable Flex and Thinned Silicon Multichip Packaging Technology

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John W. Balde
744 g
242x163x26 mm
1, Emerging Technology in Advance

Contributor List. About IMAPS; P. Barnwell, President, IMAPS. Introduction; J. Balde. 1. 3-D Assemblies of Stacked Chips and other Thin Packages; J. Balde. 2. Multi-Chip Carriers in a System-on-a-Chip World; E. Davidson. 3. Packaging Technologies for Flexible Systems; C. Kallmayer. 4. Low Profile and Flexible Electronic Assemblies Using Ultra-Thin Silicon - The European Flex-Si Project; T. Harder. 5. Thin Chips for Flexible and 3-D Integrated Electronic Systems; K. Bock, M. Feil, C. Landesberger. 6. Flexible Microarray Interconnection Techniques Applied to Biomedical Microdevices; J.-U. Meyer, M. Schuetter, O. Scholz, W. Haberer, T. Steiglitz. 7. Folded Flex and other Structures for System-in-a Package; M. Warner, W. Carlson. 8. Valtronic CSP3D Technology; G. Rochat, P. Clot, J.-F. Zeberti. 9. 3-D Packaging Technologies: Are Flex based Solutions the Answer? T. Tessier. 10. Availability of High Density Interconnect Flexible Circuits; E.J. Vardaman, D. Numakura. 11. Recent Advances in Flexible Circuit Technology Using Liquid Crystal Polymer Substrates; Rui Yang, T.F. Hayden. 12. Flex and the Interconnected Mesh Power System (IMPS); L.W. Schaper. 13. Thermal Management and Control of Electromagnetic Emissions; C. Zweben. Conclusions; J. Balde. Authors' Biographies. Index.
Foldable Flex and Thinned Silicon Multichip Packaging Technology presents newly emerging methods used to make stacked chip packages in the so-called 2-1/2 D technology (3-D in physical format, but interconnected only through the circuits on folded flex). It is also being used in single chip packages where the thinness of the chips and the flex substrate made packages significantly thinner than through any other means.